The Career of James Dondero

James Dondero is one of the best known executives in the finance industry. He is an entrepreneur who co founded the investment firm called Highland Capital Management. Dondero has been running this firm since the 1990’s and has built it into one of the very best in the industry. When he founded his firm, James … [Read more…]

Boraie Brings Apartment Development Project To Atlantic City

There’s a new development rising in Atlantic City. The 250-unit apartment complex comes from Boraie Devleopment LLC. The project is known as The Beach at South Inlet and will be the first market-rate development, in Atlantic City, in a quarter of a century. Sam Boraie expects this $81 million development to bring new optimism to … [Read more…]

Getting to Visit the Mighty Fortress Church

There are so many people who have chosen to visit the Mighty Fortress Church and are happy with what this church is able to offer to them. There are so many different options available you when visiting the Mighty Fortress Church. For one, this church offers a range of different options and programs that you … [Read more…]