Neurocore Combating Depression One Patient at a Time

Depression affects close to 16 million adults every year. It is an illness that is not gender or racial specific. Depression can affect anyone at anytime. Often seen as weakness, depression is not to be taken lightly. This is not a weakness in some, but a serious mental illness affecting millions. Neurocore is a company striving to combat the devastating effects of depression.

Neurocore helps patients that suffer from depression, ADHD, anxiety, autism, migraines, stress management, and sleep disorders. Neurocore offers free assessments for each of these issues. With your free assessment, you will know what is to be expected from Neurocore as well as possible payment options. Depression is the number one cause of Suicide, which is the second highest reason for death among our youth. With the assessments, youth can gauge the possible root cause of their depression and have it addressed before its too late. Read more at about Neurocore.

Sometimes we do not even know why we feel the way we do. Neurocore helps find the problem and also delivers solutions. Neurocore uses special technology to determine these problems. One tool Neurocore uses is the brain mapping tool. To do this they use the qEEG brain mapping technology to calculate brain electrical activity. Alongside the brain mapping tool are the symptoms rating tool and a few other measures. Combining the results gives a comprehensive analysis of ones brain to determine a specific and customized neurofeedback program. During this program, you will be taught how to breathe and train yourself to recognize when your mind is under stress. They teach how to recognize stress by placing you under an EEG. While under the EEG, you will watch a movie. When your brain patterns are outside the normal range you will see the movie pause. As your brain begins to recognize the patterns that make it out of sync, you naturally begin to fight against the causes of the stress.

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All of the Neurocore treatments are non-invasive and drug-free. Simply applying tailor-made techniques to stimulate the defense mechanisms in the mind. With the help of Neurocore services, depression does not stand a chance.


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