Mexico Oil Reform Advances with First private Oil Well in 80 Years

Talos Energy Company is one of the largest oil and gas exploration companies based in the United States. Talos Energy Company is based in Houston with three solid partnerships with the London-based Premier Oil Company and the Mexican Sierra Gas and Oil Company. Talos Energy Company won their largest contract to operate in the Mexican waters this past month. According to Talos Energy Company, the oil exploration expedition in the Gulf of Mexico tests their brilliance to work on any other project the world may present. Talos Energy Company also prides themselves on partnering with the best oil companies in the world to make it a success.

For the first time in about 80 years, a privately-held oil and gas company has operated its business in the Gulf of Mexico oil expedition. The country has never worked with private companies, especially those from different countries, in all their national preliminary contracts. However, the country looked for the best company to drill the oil discovery in the Gulf of Mexico in vain. For this reason, their situation forced them to look for the best in the industry. This is why Talos Energy Company is considered an enigma in the oil and gas industry.

The move made by Mexico to incorporate privately-held international companies in their business will propel them to greater business and economic health. This stage is showcased through allowing Talos Energy Company to drill their oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Talos Energy Company is an oil and gas company that works in unity with other companies to realize success at every corner. For this reason, Talos Energy Company united with the Premier Oil Company based in London with the Mexico City-based Sierra Oil and Gas Company to perform the drilling process around the Gulf of Mexico.

The Zama-1 well is also among the richest wells in the world. This is because it has about 500 million barrels of oil. Talos Energy Company also stated that they would take about three months to complete the drilling process. The cost of drilling will also consume about $16 million by the end of the process.

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