Highland Capital Management to Help Make 2018 a Prosperous Year for Bush Presidential Facility

Highland Capital Management (HCM) is joining the Boeing company to make 2018 a prosperous year for the Bush Presidential Center and its related Bush Institute. HCM has provided the facility with a $10 million endowment for the purpose of supporting a public education program. Read more at bloomberg.com. Known as Engage, the public discussion series will be conducted at the Dallas-based institution. Additionally, Boeing is providing another $10 to support the Military Service Initiative program, an element of the presidential facility designed to help veterans who have served in the armed forces since the 9/11 terrorist attack.

The first live event sponsored by Highland Capital will be a two-part discussion created in association with the National Constitution Center. Entitled “Constitutional Conversations,” the event is scheduled for Feb. 5 at 6:30 p.m. The program will feature Christopher Scalia, who has written a book that is essentially a collection of speeches made by his father, the famed U.S. Supreme Court justice. Antonin Scalia, who died in 2016, had served on the court for nearly 30 years.

In the second part of the program, experts will discuss the current status of the media and also the opinions of James Madison, who wrote the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and later served as the nation’s fourth president. Participating in the discussion will be National Constitution Center President Jeffrey Rosen, who is an expert on Madison. He will be joined by Amy Mitchell, a researcher who also helped write the “State of the News” report, which is published by the Pew Research Center, and Mike Wilson, who is editor of the Dallas Morning News newspaper. Amanda Schnetzer, who is the director of the Bush Institute’s Global Initiatives program, will serve as the moderator of the discussion.

Read: https://affiliatedork.com/highland-capital-management-adds-co-cio-to-enhance-client-outcomes

James Dondero, who is the president of HCM, said he was “impressed” by the impact that the Bush Center has exerted on both the local community and the nation as a whole. He noted that the Engage series will help promote discussions on important policy issues. HCM is one of the founding supporters of the Bush Center, with contributions to the five-year-old facility totalling more than $5 million.

Based in Dallas, HCM is known as an alternative investment management firm that deals specifically with hedge funds and investments that are either structured or in distress. Dondero helped establish the firm, which in 2014 reported more than $18 billion in funds that are under management. Read this article at investopedia.com.

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