5 Top Reasons for Wainscoting Your Home Walls This Year

Lining the lower part of the wall with a flat panel will steal the show. And although this is one very good reason for investing in wainscoting walls this year, it’s not the only one. Installed mainly as decorative elements, wainscotings are often seen only from this angle when in fact there are so much more than wall decorations. They can enhance the looks of other trims in the room, hide quirks, help you make architectural structure tricks, and become the focal point of each room.

Ready for a short trip in the fascinating wall panel wainscoting world? Here we go.

Any wainscoting becomes the ultimate wall décorIMG 1

No matter which wainscoting design you choose, it will add depth, texture, and beauty in the room. With wainscots installed in full height, you don’t have to do anything else. You just leave the design to speak on its own. With 1/3 or 2/3 panels, the wall is divided into two parts enabling the eye to travel horizontally and focus on the panel’s style.

You don’t have to add color at all – if you choose so. There isn’t a clearer lining than a white beadboard wainscoting dressing your wall. On the other hand, you don’t have to fear to experiment with colors, especially in the living room, kitchen, and dining room. You can also paint the wainscot in the hallway to keep dirt caused by shoes from ruining first impressions.

What’s interesting with paneling is that they make a statement on their own and so they are the best home improvement project for quick and effective remodeling. Although panels become architectural elements once installed, they are the ultimate wall decoration ideas for enhanced elegance in any room. And that says a lot about wainscoting.

Mix molding & wainscot ideas and you are all setIMG 2

More often than not, a recessed or raised panel won’t be installed alone. There will be baseboards, cap or chair rails, window casing, door frames, and ceiling molding. Since it’s easy to combine styles and sizes to increase structure and elegance, trims along with wainscots become the best interior design ideas when you are remodeling.

You can play with designs, colors, and sizes to create the visual impact you want. And this brings us to another good reason for wainscoting walls at home. AlexMoulding offered so many patterns that can be used for any home renovation.

Use the wall panel to play with the structural elements

With wainscoting installation, you won’t only bring more texture in the room but also ‘correct structural imperfections’. It’s no wonder why one of the first things you focus on before buying panels is their height. That’s one question everybody asks: up to which height should I bring the wainscot? Although this has to do with personal taste and the utility of the room, you are also able to make decisions based on which impression you want to give.

Want to bring the ceiling down or up? With IMG 3the right modern wainscoting, you can create the exact impression you want. Bring the ceiling up by bringing the wainscot down, for example. The right combination of wainscots and colors will also allow you to create the illusion that the room is larger. In other words, these wall boards can help you play tricks to fool the eye.

Your raised panel can hide imperfections & plumbing

Not all walls are perfect structurally speaking. And here’s where your shaker jumps in to save the situation. Instead of worrying how to fix small wall imperfections, you simply install a wainscot panel and let it cover small cracks and uneven walls while making the room aesthetically and architecturally more interesting.

On top of that, your beaded panel can serve as the cabinet door behind which plumbing will hide. So such panels untie your hands in kitchens, basements, and bathrooms where you want tidiness but it’s hard to achieve with equipment in the way.

Wainscoting the walls can increase home valueIMG 4

A beautiful bead board in the bathroom, wainscoted dining room walls, and well-paneled hallways give the impression of neatness and clean lines – even if the home is not perfectly tidied up. Of course, this won’t be the only reason why potential buyers would be interested in your home. It takes a combination of home improvements to increase resale value.

But there is no doubt that wainscoting panels take a lot of burden off your shoulders. After all, they cover walls. And if walls are neat, the whole house looks neat. So, if you are planning to put the house on the market this year or the next, wainscoting the walls should be one of your first priorities.

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