Doe Deere – Lime Crime’s Unicorn Queen

Doe Deere, the masterminder and founder of the illustrious makeup line Lime Crime, was born and raised in Russia. At the age of 17, Doe relocated to New York City where she majored in fashion and illustrations at the Fashion Institute of Technology. However here she was focused on her independent online clothing store and creating designs.. By 2008, she realized that there weren’t any cosmetics that could keep pace with her imagination, so she decided to make them herself. The talented Doe Deere then became one of the first female entrepreneurs to launch her online makeup company, Lime Crime.


Early on, Doe Deere had an imaginative and fairy tale personality. She enjoyed dressing up but but she wanted her makeup to compliment her clothes. With that key value in mind, Doe came up with a specific brand that brung a fresh dose of imagination to cosmetics. This brand wowed customers with extravagant loose eye shadows with flavors like “Circus Girl”, “Airborne Unicorn” and “Shoe Addict”, names that stood out and matched its’ vibrant appearance. Under the slogan, “So Bright, It’s Illegal”, Lime Crime Cosmetics quickly became a hit by reaching customers who shared Doe’s colorful personality in cosmetic fashion.


Doe is a regular donator to a no-kill animal shelter in New York and she’s also a loving caretaker to 3 cats, 2 which were rescued. For that reason, Doe has established her Lime Crime products to be vegan friendly and animal cruelty free. This means none of the ingredients in these products are made from animals, nor have any of these cosmetics ever been tested on animals. In fact, Lime Crime Cosmetics is PETA certified. PETA, which stands for People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, is the most widely recognized organization in the United States dedicated to preventing animal abuse.


Today the name Lime Crime stands for color revolution, breaking the rules and not being afraid to color outside the lines. Doe views makeup as a tool of transportation, sort of like a magic wand that can take you from your regular self to the best you. She believes that beauty should make you feel happy and encourage you to have fun with color whether it’s with green lipstick or blue eye shadow. Why should makeup be used only to cover up imperfections or flaws when it can also be used to represent one’s style or personality. Doe Deere’s perspective truly focuses on embracing who you are and how you feel.


The world of beauty has been magically redefined by the flamboyant Doe Deere, also known as “Unicorn Queen”. Because of her love for animals, she has named the unicorn as the mascot for her cosmetic line because of their beauty, individuality and her love and kindness for animals. “Uni”, stems from the word “Unicorn”, meaning singular, left out or alone perhaps. Doe feels unicorns are like people who are aware and proud that they are born different. Lime Crime products are worn by a specific kind of person bold enough to rock the shades of color Deere creates – someone brave and someone who defies expectations… “A unicorn!”. Doe Deere’s customers and Instagram followers are known as Unicorns.


Doe Deere has become a single minded visionary who continues to create a fantasy world through beauty. She has proven a fairy tale business can be created in the real world. Lime Crime is growing each year with new cosmetic products. Fellow Unicorns are looking forward to seeing what Doe Deere wows us with next. Learn more:


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