Eric Lefkofsky And His Work At Tempus

The primary focus of businessman Eric Lefkofsky for the past three years has been the company Tempus of which he is leader and co-founder. The company as established in tech industry but it soon transitioned into health tech.

The corporation is still young, but it has already been profoundly recognized for its work. The Tempe company is striving towards transforming medicine in terms of cancer research, diagnostics, and patient treatment. Cancer medicine has been one of the most talked about fields of medicine for many decades, and Tempus has risen to help along with discoveries and to create personalized treatments that will be the most effective for patients.

Tempus performs a variety of diagnostics and procedures at its labs. The company has its own large laboratory where it perforce RNS and DNA sequencing, tumor characterization, immune system characterization, and many other procedures. The health tech has developed several pieces of software to help itself along its journey. Its main programs compiling data on cancer derived from patients, documented cases from a number of medical institutions and even physician notes jotted down on paper pads. To help the computer read the latter, Tempus developed a piece of software for reading handwriting in different languages.

Mr. Eric Lefkofsky is a serial entrepreneur and an active philanthropist. He has co-founded and founded a vast number of businesses including Tempus. One of his largest companies is Groupon. Many of the businesses are working in the tech industry as well as in retail. He also ventures in other industries such as real estate investments.

Mr. Eric Lefkofsky has established a large philanthropy foundation together with his wife. The foundation provides help and funding in the fields of culture, arts, education, health, and more. Mr, Eric Lefkofsky is strongly involved in the field of philanthropy and makes frequent donations to a number of other organizations. He also collaborates with chariies to spread awareness and host fundraising events on a regular basis to raise money for charity.

He believes that through Tempus and his foundation, he can contribute to many industries and change lives.

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