NGP Van’s Digital 8 Contains the Tools for an Effective Democratic Campaign.

In recent elections, officials have had to remain nimble and poised to run a successful campaign. Indeed campaigning today is a challenging endeavor. The heightened social media pressures and increased campaign compliance regulations can challenge even the most experienced campaigners. By adding in the tasks required to maintain volunteer, donor, and supporter information, fundraising contributions, canvassing information and the current demographics, the job of running a campaign is almost overwhelming. Fortunately for Democratic campaigners, NGP Van has devised an integrated software package that will keep a campaign compliant and running smoothly.


NGP Van has created the Digital 8, a software solution offering political candidates an easy to use medium for Customer Relationship Management or CRM. This newly added component of the NGP Van system provides and easy-to-use interface that integrates candidate information with social media application and includes useful analytic features, like social share tracking, to increase a candidate’s presence. Digital 8 will also keep the details about supporters and volunteers available to the candidate, allowing them to keep up-to-date about activities and donations. Seamlessly integrated with the entire line NGP Van’s products, the Digital 8 will allow campaigners to spend more time on strategy and less time coordinating volunteers, fundraising and campaign financial compliance, while maintaining a robust social media presence.


The Democratic Party leans heavily on NGP Van, using the software to coordinate the campaigns of the highest placed officials. The integrated network allows a strong collaboration with other party members, donors, and volunteers as well as a support system for all users. A highly rated platform that handles all facets and challenges of a campaign, the NGP Van company web site also provides educational information about effective campaigning, including tips and tricks to increase a candidate’s presence.


NGP Van’s newest product addition, the Digital 8, will give the Democratic party the tools necessary to run stellar campaigns and allow Democrats to increase their voter base and ensure a congress majority.

Watch the NGP VAN youtube channel for more info:

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