Sean Penn Has No Similarities To Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

When the name Sean Penn is mentioned, many people know him as an actor, and a movie writer. Some may even remember that he was once married to Madonna. His latest endeavor is that of an author. He has written a book that was the topic of discussion before it hit the book store shelves. Bits and pieces of the book had reached the harsh reviews of social media sites. It has been claimed, non officially, as a very controversial book dealing with unorthodox subject matter. The book is titled, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. It is not a regular “honey do” book where a man has his time consumed with doing errands for his wife.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is about a middle aged, and sad character who does any type of job, some accidentally. For instance, the character rescued a group of Hasidic Jews who were imprisoned in a foreign prison. He set up a fire works display for some dictators, he sold septic tanks to a group of Jehovah Witnesses, and he assassinated elderly people with a mallet. All of these things are very concerning to the public. Sean is not the least bit concerned about the message in the book, but more about his legacy that he will leave.


Sean Penn is an accomplished writer, and performer, but he wanted to push his achievements as far as he could go. When asked about a movie that he wrote, he shared that there was nothing similar that he had seen, just the country as it was. Penn takes no credit for being influenced by other writers, he just like that authors have a freedom with words. Any criticism or praise that he receives, he just takes in all inside. He expresses that as a writer, you take a voice just as you take a character, and it does not have to be from a movie, it can be from life. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was originally written as an audio book in order to have it released before the 2016 Presidential election.

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