Notable Growth At OSI Industries

OSI Industries is a renowned provider of value-added protein & many food products in the retail and foodservice industry. OSI has more than 60 facilities operating in more than 16 countries. Their growth is gradually seen as expansion measures are always taking place. One of the most striking projects is the acquisition of the Tyson Food Facility. This is a facility for food processing and storage warehouse that was owned by Tyson Foods, Arkansas. Tyson Foods is situated in Chicago on a land that covers 200,000 square feet where its location nears the OSI facility. This setup and facility are predicted to bring a lot of efficiency in infrastructure and help the business to grow exponentially. According to one of the executives at OSI, Kevin Scott, the facility will build the capabilities of the company to meeting the daily growing needs of their customers. He added that he was excited to have the facility belonging to them in the manufacturing network.

As part of their growth, OSI Industries acquired the Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe is a firm that supplies various products including frozen poultry and pies added to the sauces, dressings, and mayonnaise in the United Kingdom market. The OSI Industries acquired it from the Flagship Food Group, Denver, Colo. According to the chief executive officer of Flagship Europe, Russel Maddock, the acquisition by the OSI is a sign of progressive development for Flagship Europe. Russel added that the acquisitions mean that there will be increased resources and access to new clients in the global markets in OSI Industries which would enhance their growth in the market and facilitate new opportunities in the market. In the long-run, there will be better customer service in the food industry to become a more successful business. The Chief Operating Officer of OSI, David, said in response that the addition of Flagship to OSI Europe would expand their market presence and bring their services more accessible in Europe. This will broaden the capability of OSI Industries in serving the clients more successfully because their products and strengths complement the OSI status.

For careers and job opportunities at OSI, they firmly believe that the success of the company is determined by and is in the hands of the employees. They require individuals who are concentrated with success goals in mind, innovative, and have a unique passion towards solving matters and bringing out the best on the table. There are more work experiences at OSI plus distinctive ideas towards learning and growing in one’s potential. They get more interested in people with entrepreneurial minds because they are passionate about entrepreneurship.

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