Eric Lefkofsky Tempus Unicorn Funding

Tempus Unicorn is a Chicago based healthcare organization led by the Groupon co-founder and the CEO Eric Lefkofsky. The company has partnered with several Clinics with the aim of enhancing doctors with skills of using data in treating cancer patients. Mayo clinic center is the latest company with high profile health care in a series … [Read more…]

4 Things To Know About Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is well-known in business circles. Few know of his humble beginnings. He was born of working-class parents in Newark, New Jersey. He attended public schools. Today he is one of the most influential and highest compensated CEOs in the United States of America. School and Career Tony is gifted, hardworking and innovative. Tony’s … [Read more…]

Tony Petrello’s Formidable Philanthropic Deeds

Tony Petrello is the President, the Chief Executive Officer, and Chairperson of the Board and Executive Committee of Nabors Industries. Tony has been the president of Nabors since 1991. The Hamilton-based company is the largest geothermal and natural gas drilling contractors in the whole world. He has been key in transforming the geothermal and natural … [Read more…]