Lori Senecal Provides the Magic Touch to Business

The advertising business can be a “bear” and a struggle for awareness against impossible odds. It takes a special type of person to break through the white noise. Women usually have a very tough time getting noticed in the advertising industry. Lori Senecal breaks the barriers that women face in the industry.


Senecal’s natural ability to gather teams together with diverse interest has helped companies succeed beyond their greatest expectations. Her listening skills and empathic abilities to understand are what customers need. Her understanding of data analytics provides a good base for attracting customers. Passion for what you do is important. Senecal understands that providing the magic touch to business requires a person to be “all-in” and not sit on the sidelines.


Senecal has some struggles in breaking through the male-dominated marketing industry. Her early influences include her older siblings who encouraged her to follow her dreams. She credits them for the motivation they gave her to succeed in life. Remaining positive is a key element to success. Senecal counsels women that they need to continue to remain positive no matter what happens.


Positive and uplifting messages are an important component of any advertising campaign. Some of the hottest trends in advertising are coming across to your audience as real by using real people and aiming for emotional responses. Senecal believes that positive messages can leave an organization in an better state than its original state. Senecal’s track record with companies is pretty amazing. Her creative genius is well-known as she has helped large companies like Kraft Foods succeed in their marketing strategy.


According to GC Report, the magic touch seems to come quite naturally to Lori Senecal. She loves to bring out the best in everyone she meets. Her lively personality fits perfectly with the innovative and constantly changing marketplace. It is her willingness not to settle for mediocre campaigns that create that magic touch.


Businesses like Staples have benefited from Senecal’s magic touch. As the Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky Senecal provides insightful and timely information to companies worldwide. Senecal is known as a creative innovator with many new and exciting ideas.



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