4 Things To Know About Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is well-known in business circles. Few know of his humble beginnings. He was born of working-class parents in Newark, New Jersey. He attended public schools. Today he is one of the most influential and highest compensated CEOs in the United States of America.

School and Career

Tony is gifted, hardworking and innovative. Tony’s classmates and teachers remember him as an exceptionally brilliant student. They say he was very hard working and did not take his natural genius for granted. He was easy-going, confident and always spoke about what was important to him. He was an outstanding math student in high school regular Einstein of his day. He won a scholarship to study at Yale. While studying at Yale serge Lang an exceptional math professor at Yale, was his mentor. To Lang’s great chagrin, Tony did not have interest in studying math. Instead, he enrolled for and studied Law at Harvard.


In 1979 he joined Baker and Mackenzie where he specialized in business law. Here he discovered a natural enthusiasm and thrill for business and finance. He worked for and later became the Chief Executive Officer of one of baker and Mackenzie’s clients, Nabors. Nabors was Tony’s gateway into the oil industry. During his tenure at Baker and Mackenzie, he left a lasting impact on Nabors by restructuring the company’s account. He would then move on to become the firms’ business executive, a position he held since 1992. His career at Nabors, a multi-national oil firm

spans decades. Here, he became one of the highest paid CEOs in US history.

Successes and Philanthropy

He was instrumental in the purchase of a an oil company called Grace drilling by restructuring its operating model. He also struck multi-million dollar deals for Nabors. Tony has given back to society through many charity works. He supports children with neurological disorders. He makes personal financial contributions for their support and creates awareness about the condition through fund drives. His motivation Is his daughter who was born with cerebral palsy.


He is married to Cynthia whom he met at Yale. Cynthia is a multi talented artist, dancer and musician. They at different times lived in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas and New York Today they live in Arizona.

Tony is a natural leader and brilliant organizer. He is also extraordinary philanthropy. He is living proof that success is born out of hard work, focus and dedication.

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