Why Lime Crime’s New Venus 3 Palette Might Spark The Biggest Beauty Trend Of 2018

The unicorn beauty trend ruled in 2017 but there might possibly be another nascent aesthetic that could rise to the top in 2018. That aesthetic is known as heavenly grunge, a phrase that was coined by the well-known makeup brand Lime Crime. The phrase is the tagline for Lime Crime’s newest product the Venus 3 palette. It is also arguably an apt descriptor for the look that is being worn on the model who is wearing the product on her eyes with a purple halo around her head set against the backdrop of a lavender sky. The look sort of suggests the idea of a modern goddess which is apt as the product takes its name from the famous love deity Venus.

Proponents of the unicorn beauty craze will probably enjoy heavenly grunge for one crucial reason: the potential heavenly grunge beauty trend builds upon the aesthetics of the popular unicorn beauty trend. The colors in the new Venus 3 palette are soft and romantic and have just enough shimmer to suggest the ethereal. The shades in the Venus 3 palette allow people the ability to indulge in their love of sparkles and in their love for the whimsical. The colors might be considered to be the building blocks of a more mature version of the unicorn beauty look that is more versatile than the gratuitous glitter that the trend is known for.

According to Lime Crime, It is also a great product for people who are looking for makeup looks that allow them to create bold eye looks while also still looking romantic. A smoky eye that is done using the heavy dark kohl and dark eye shadow that is used in many grunge beauty looks can come across as moody and brooding, which is perfect if it is the look that one is going for. However when that same smokey eye is done using colors from the Venus 3 palette such as the shiny lilac color that is called Beam or the shiny pale pink color that is known as Rapture that same look will become dreamy and romantic while still retaining its bold flair. The Venus 3 palette comes with a variety of colors that will allow its wearer to create all of the ethereal and celestial beauty looks they can dream up.

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