Tempus And Co-founder Eric Lefkofsky Are Changing The Way Doctors Treat Cancer In Patients

Cancer is not only a very devasting illness that can threaten a person’s life but it also is extremely expensive to get rid of because there is no way to fully cure it. Even if you get rid of cancer there is always the chance of it coming back and once it starts to grow it can spread rapidly. There are not very many cancer research facilities that have molecular data saved based off of previous cancer patients going through treatments and what does and doesn’t work for them. However, Tempus Labs based in Chicago, Illinois does find molecular dated based off of previous and current cancer patients going through treatment so that they can find what works best for some people and what doesn’t work for them to better help those in the future with cancer treatment plans.

Eric Lefkofsky Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tempus has made it a point to use his work with Tempus to enhance the lives of others by using data to find what may or may not work when it comes to treating patients based off of other patients history of what worked and didn’t work for them and similar factors between the two. Eric Lefkofsky has helped Tempus raise over 200 million dollars towards researching data to help people going through cancer treatments and has recently helped raise 80 million dollars towards research. Without Eric Lefkofsky Tempus would not be where it is today because he has used his motto to turn Tempus into an amazing company that is able to help people now and in the future by keeping molecular data, as well as DNA and RNA information from patients.

Along with researching molecular data what makes Tempus so great is the fact that they can find similarities in patients in order to give them the proper treatment that they need to get rid of the illness in which cancer is. Tempus has been able to change the way the medical field and doctors can look at cancer and how they can handle treatment in patients and from here on out its only going to get better.

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