Ara Chackerian: A Pioneer of Health Innovations

Ara Chackerian is part of the reason that healthcare innovations are being created every day. He is the Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. His central dedication is the ability to develop new services that increase patient outcomes. Ara is responsible for many startups including PipelineRx, TMS Health Solutions, and BMC Diagnostics. Each company started off as an idea, one that had the possibility to enhance the healthcare industry.


According to thenewsversion, Ara Chackerian is referred to as an angel investor. His investments save lives all over the world. He went to college at the Florida State University. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Altogether, he has over 20 years of experience in helping healthcare startup become successful. Ara Chackerian understands the need for a clean and healthy environment. He knows that the reason that many people suffer is that they don’t have access to the health services that they need. Each new startup carries the possibility of enhancing the health industry. The truth is there will never be enough innovations which is why people like Ara Chackerian are needed to keep a constant flow of change and evolution going. Think back to the days when nurses had to calculate a patient’s heart rate on their watch. Now, look at the way it is done today. Nurses can focus on caring for the patient in other ways instead of wasting time trying to calculate the time on their watches. You can visit



Ara Chackerian sticks by his investments. He doesn’t just create them and let them go. He serves each company by acting as a Chairman or Chief Executive Officer. The need for particular treatments along with the flaws of current treatments and devices are what increase the demand for further health innovations. Startup businesses that use new equipment that performs the same procedures in less time with less recovery time for the patient are the reasons that investors like Chackerian have a never-ending job. The good news is that investors never have to worry about a return on their investment because as long as an immediate need exists for the innovation, patients will seek out treatment. Check out for more.




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