OSI Food Solutions Expands Its Toledo Plant

OSI Group is a leading food processing company in the world. The company has been expanding its operations to many parts of the world in the recent times. One of the recent locations where the company has taken its operations is Spain. Operating under the name OSI Food Solutions, the company has opened a facility in Toledo that will mainly deal with the production of chicken products. The plant in Toledo was recently expanded in order to produce more chicken products. There recent expansion in the firm has seen the production of chicken products double while other parts of the business such as storage, security, and production have been increased. There is no more room for business in the plant after the expansion.

OSI Food Solution has been operating since 1909 when a German immigrant in Chicago started it. The firm has been dedicated to the production of quality food to its customers. The firm has been implementing innovative food manufacturing solutions which have seen the business expand significantly. The company has been doing great work in the test kitchens and the production plants. The research work has led to the expansion of the food products they offer to clients. This main focus is on the health of the consumer. So, before any new release, there is thorough research and testing of the products. The safety of the consumer is the most important thing in the firm.

OSI Food Solutions expansion was as a result of high demand for chicken in Spain and Portugal. According to statistics, the percentage of consumption of chicken products in the two countries had gone up by 8%. With the numbers expected to keep climbing, there is high probability there will more demand in coming years. OSI Food Solutions has reacted to this possibility by increasing the production.

The expansion of the Toledo facility cost 17 million euros. After the completion of the expansion, the production of chicken food grew from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons. The annual production from this firm annually grew to 45,000 tons. In the expansion, 22.600 square feet were added. Some of the areas that benefited in the new expansion include production hall, storage areas. Storage areas, cooling area and service areas.

OSI Food Solutions has also created a test kitchen for best chicken products. This will enhance research and make the industry safe. The company continues to make efforts to provide the consumers only with the best products. For this to happen, research is very important.

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