Talos Energy Hits It Big In Mexico

New Developments

Some good news to help counteract all of the bad that seems to be so prolific in this day and age, Talos Energy has hit what appears to be a very large oil well off of the coast of Mexico. 37 miles out from Puerto Dos Bocas, the well named Zama-1 has executives and working class alike excited. That is because it is estimated that the well holds over 2 billion barrels of oil.

This could be a big boost and shot in the arm for the oil-reliant American economy. With higher domestic production of oil, there would be less sudden spikes of price caused by various political and social issues from foreign suppliers. This translates into a more stable economy and more money in the pockets of everyone.

Good News

Experts and company executives are calling the well find an important discovery. Not only will this provide some much needed relief to the supply side of the oil and gas industry, it will also help encourage additional exploration in the area. The truth is that a lot of energy companies simply don’t know where to look for new oil deposits. This discovery will help give them a little direction, peak some interest, and hopefully cause a snowball of finds that would really help bolster the economy.

The discovery is especially positive news for the Mexican government. They have been listening to promises from several different companies, but until this discovery, it was more smoke and air than anything else. Now however, they have some tangible fruits for their labors, and everyone can benefit from some industry development.

Political Impact

It isn’t just the U.S. that will benefit from this discovery. This big find will likely draw more interest in developing Mexican oil and gas fields. The Mexican economy has been struggling for a while, so some new jobs coming into the area would be a big help. Even better, the oil industry in Mexico just became deregulated, breaking the state monopoly. The future is now looking very bright for the Mexican oil industry, as well as Talos Energy.

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