Services Offered By Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare was established on the south coast of England in 1985. The facility concentrates on taking care of the senior citizens and people in need of special treatment. Its achievements and success can be attributed to its dedicated leaders, Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. Together, they co-chair the company drawing vast experience from their previous duties.

Gym and day care services are also offered by the facility. Their staff has experience in serving dementia and Alzheimer’s disease patients. The Chief Executive Officer of the facility, Amanda Morgan-Taylor was appointed in March 2018. She has a lot of experience in the medical field and mental illness.

Through its expansive staff education programs, Sussex Healthcare has managed to get the best employees. Other benefits offered include free transport, paid holidays, career development, cheaper food and affordable accommodation.

Services Offered

Sussex Healthcare has for long been offering support services to the vulnerable in the society. With the best training and experience in healthcare service delivery, they have managed to become the trusted caregivers. The facility runs seven apartments for their patients which have all vital amenities. They include personalized attendance, great hospitality, offers socials care and accommodation.

Sussex Healthcare also takes care of adults who take longer to learn and have problems with their bodies. They help their clients remain active by involving them in different physical activities. For people with terminal and chronic diseases, Sussex Healthcare is the place to go. They are well equipped and its employees have the adequate knowledge needed for empathy and monitoring pain experienced by these patients. This is achieved through the specialized care program for adults.

For a long time dementia has been a thorn in the flesh for the aged population. The disorder causes memory loss and reduces the patient’s ability to perform daily chores. However, the facility has dedicated its services to alleviate this suffering. They have invested heavily in quality skills needed to take care and treat of this disease. Apart from memory loss, brain injury problems are also taken care of. Disorders like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis have long been treated at the healthcare. Royal Hospital, for example, is under their umbrella program and concentrates in Neurological Disorders.

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