What Ara Chackerian Told Us About His Recent Healthcare Work (It’s Not What You Think!)

Ara Chackerian, located in San Francisco, California has built a name for himself in the realm of philanthropy and business. A large portion of Chackerian’s efforts has been centered on community-based work. A lot of his career has been served in the field or healthcare, where he experienced decades of work with building the bridge among healthcare and technology services. He now sits on a variety of boards around the Bay Area. Additionally to his focus on healthcare, Ara Chackerian holds a profound interest in youth and environmental development projects.


One such focus on environmental causes is a sustainable teak farm, Limonapa Teak, in Nicaragua. Limonapa uses green agricultural methods so that the services improve, rather than impede the local scene. In addition, the farm grants hundreds of well-paying employment opportunities to residents of the regional communities. You can visit their website arachackerian.com



We sat down recently with Mr. Chackerian to review one of his newest endeavors, TMS Health Solutions, his motivations, entrepreneurship, and much more.



 Can you give us an idea of what gave you the inspiration for your latest venture?



My longtime business associate and I aspired to stretch our experience in developing out-patient diagnostic radiology clinics to another vicinity of healthcare. We invested more than a decade creating a network of facilities in Northern California. A long-time provider partner of ours advised that we consider looking at the outpatient psychiatry field and especially at a new device-based remedy for depression entitled transcranial magnetic stimulation.



 How is it coming along?



Ever since we started our partnership a little over two years back, we’ve produced seven new centers working for the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento. The usual size of a center is 3,000 square feet with both TMS treatment and consulting rooms.


We think patients should feel as if they’re not visiting a doctor’s office but instead a place of relaxation and serenity which is especially vital for patients with psychiatric ailments.



 What ways have you seen your dreams become a reality?



Ideas arise from experiences in life. If you try to make a deliberate effort to engage with life then the ideas will pop up. You can visit their Facebook page for more.


Click here: https://twitter.com/achackerian


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