Life Lessons

We hear on the news all the time about refugees, those that are forced to relocate and we see pictures of people crossing deserts and war-torn areas seeking a new homeland. It is perfectly impossible to imagine the struggles they are going through, or what their lives are like at that moment, not knowing where they might end up. Hope is a hot commodity in our world today, and although we don’t want to give our children rose-colored glasses, protecting them by encouraging hope for better times in the future is often the only tool people have.


Dr. Saad Saad, a well-respected and talented pediatric surgeon, now in retirement, went through a terrible trauma as a child, being forcibly displaced from his home as a young man in the 1940’s, and moved, with his mother and sibling, to a foreign land in the West Bank. His father was not even home at the time this took place and his mother, with little time as she was forced to leave their home with just the clothes on her back, left the house key under the welcome mat as a last-ditch effort to communicate with her husband. Dr. Saad’s father would find them some time later, and after a large expenditure to gain access to a boat to get to the West Bank, and this trauma is one Dr. Saad would never forget.


Dr. Saad’s father was a petroleum mechanic during a time when petroleum in Kuwait was just being realized. He did not, like most parents, seek to rose-color tint his son’s vision of the world, and instead he set out to equip his son with 2 important life lessons to carry with him. The firs lesson he imparted to his son was that the only path to a greater life for him was going to be remaining focused on gaining higher education opportunities. His father was a firm believer in the ability of one to make their way in this world through education.


The second valuable life lesson Dr. Saad learned from his father was to never put off until tomorrow that which you could accomplish today. Many years later, when asked about his enormous success, Dr. Saad would point out that one crucial piece of advice his father gave him as being that which stoked the fires of success in him.


There is nothing wrong with giving children life lessons and imparting upon them the gift of hope as sprinkled with doses of reality. Dr. Saad was likely not thrown by bumps in the road on his path because his father managed his expectations by telling him he could do great things in this world, but there will naturally be some struggles along the path to success. Learn more :

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