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How Lloyd Grove’s Former College Roommate, Tony Petrello, Turned out to be an Executive of a Leading Oil Company

Life has unexpected twists and turns. This observation was made by Lloyd Grove, a writer for The Daily Beast. Grove shared a room in college with the current boss of Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello. Back then, Petrello was undertaking a Juris Doctor degree from the famed Harvard Law School. He later proceeded to Yale University to pursue a master’s program in mathematics. Grove met Petrello at Yale University.

Lloyd Grove praised Anthony Petrello for his hard work as an executive in his article published in The Daily Beast. He referred Petrello to a mathematics whiz who was ambitious about changing the world. Petrello currently ranks as one of the highest-paid CEOs in the United States.

In the article, Lloyd Grove mentioned that he found out about Petrello’s success after he searched for him on the web. He discovered that his freshman year college roommate heads Nabors Industries, which is a global leader in petroleum and gas drilling services. Grove described his former roommate as a charming Newark resident with a New Jersey accent.

Antony Petrello’s Career History

After graduating with a Juris Doctor degree, Anthony Petrello’s law practice began when he worked with a Manhattan-based law firm known as Baker & McKenzie. He got the opportunity to work for Nabors Industries through the company. This is because Baker & McKenzie used to provide corporate legal services to Nabors Industries at that time. Anthony Petrello has a wife, Cynthia Petrello, and one daughter, Carena, who has cerebral palsy. The couple is known for supporting philanthropic endeavors focused on treating neurological disorders.

Customers Go To Fabletics For A More Organized Shopping Experience

While companies can provide a ton of different products, the ones that experience the most success are the ones that satisfy the customers the most. This is one thing that Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Therefore, they have put a lot of thought towards what they are going to bring to the customers with Fabletics. They have also done a lot of research from all of the other online retailer including internet giant Amazon, which is one of the most successful companies in the fashion industry. While there is an endless variety of clothes that people can choose from, the most important thing for people is to find something they want. Amazon does not make it very easy because a lot of styles are lumped together.


With Fabletics, a lot of time is taken in order to make sure that each distinct style of clothing is set apart so that people will have an easier time finding what they are looking for. To make things better, Fabletics takes the time to direct people to the styles they are looking for based on the Lifestyle quiz. It is as if Fabletics actually shops for the customers. For one thing, customers do pay a membership fee. So Fabletics does see it necessary to make it worth the price.


When people do business with Fabletics, they are made to feel comfortable and valued. One of the best ways to gain and keep customers is to make them feel valued and appreciated. While providing good products can be a good way to keep customers as well, there has to be more done in order to give the customer a reason to return to the place for more items.


Fabletics has done everything it can to not only keep with the trend, but also be apart of the change in the industry. Companies are going from throwing things at the wall in order to see what will stick to getting advice from people as to what they want. It is the more customized experience that is going to ultimately win the customer’s loyalty.


Beneful is a dog food company that comprehends the significance of dog nutrition and aims to provide your dog with healthy and succulent meals and treats. Its primary objective is to meet your dog’s needs and transcend expectation by providing a balanced, nutritious diet with real meat and no added sugars. Beneful also offers a satisfaction guarantee to ensure your dog’s satiation. Some of their products include:

1. Beneful Dry food Incredibites- this delicacy is available as wet and dry foods, in chicken and beef flavor. This protein-rich food contains 100% nutrients that are crucial for the healthy and happy growth of your dog. The mix of tender mini bites provides for a succulent and crispy mini bites for small dogs. A yummy and healthy meal containing beef, tomato and wild rice, which provides the dog the flavor it desires.

2. Beneful Playful life- this great treat is a nourishment rich in protein with real beef and egg. It’s both healthy and sumptuous, also containing blueberries and spinach. The meal provides your dog with the bounce of life it deserves.

3. Healthy Smile Dental Twists- amazing dental treats that help support teeth and grow strong bones. It aids in diminishing plaque and tophus proliferation, at the same time revitalizes breath. This treat contains real parsley and should be given as a treat and not a meal.

4. Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals- sumptuous dog food with beef accentuated with carrots, spinach, and peas. This healthy and luscious meld of soft and crunchy bites is rich in antioxidants that provide your dog with a healthy life.

5. Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends- the food is an assortment of beef, peas, carrots, barley and peas that are finely diced and provides a piquant blend. It is served with sauce and brings a delicate taste and a beautiful texture; a must have meal for your dog. Your dog won’t get enough of it.

Beneful dog foods are the total indispensable package for the wellbeing of your dog. Your dog will long for more and more each time. Treat your dog to this fantastic hardy meal for the phenomenal growth of your dog.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer’s Business and Community Leadership

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known as “Duda” is a media entrepreneur from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Since the beginning of 2016, he’s been the CEO and chairman of the board of directors at RBS Group. The group is one of the leading media producers in Brazil and has a presence in the US also. He’s the third generation in this family operated business. Within the last few years, Duda also expanded into funding efforts in the digital sector. Founding e.Bricks, the new company has helped startups by providing over 300 million in financing for these promising businesses. Duda Melzer’s efforts have been rewarding, as his company is among Globo and Google in online rankings.

While Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer certainly is enjoying much success, it’s the result of much hard work. He graduated college with a business administration degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul when he was 26 years old. He then earned an MBA from Harvard University. Having worked not only for his family, he also worked in the finance sector and for a media company in NYC called Box Top. His leadership skills were realized early on as he’s always served in a managerial capacity. Duda Melzer’s business dealings don’t stop there; he also invests in a wine company known as the largest in Latin America, as well as a contemporary art show in Brazil.

According to Acaert, Melzer’s strong belief in the family enterprise has gotten him much recognition. He’s won many awards from outfits at large as Ernst and Young for entrepreneur of the year. He’s also recognized for his transparency in ethics and showing gratitude. His family-based charity has been around for over three decades and is prominent in Brazil. They post their projects and budgets online for inspection. Working alongside the government, they promote social awareness for issues affecting families with children and teens in Brazil. It’s with strong conviction that Duda and his family aren’t only benefiting themselves, but also the communities that support them.

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UKV PLC – The Ultimate Place To Buy Wines Online In The United Kingdom

UKV PLC is a familiar name among the wine lovers community in the United Kingdom and the Europe. The company sells a wide variety of wines and champagnes, online and offline. It has one of the largest collections of wines, acquired from various modern vineyards from across the world.

The wine connoisseurs can expect to buy just any kind of wine they want at UKV PLC, whether it is Burgundy, Spanish, Italian, Champagne, and Bordeaux.

The customers looking to buy wines, whether it is investment grade expensive wines or the cheaply priced wines for regular use, can find it at UKV PLC. As the company only showcases the wines it has ready for shipping in its inventory at its specialized wine cellars, the customers can expect swift delivery of their order, irrespective of whether the order is one of a bottle of wine or a bulk order.

One of the reasons why many of the wine connoisseurs prefer UKV PLC to purchase wines is that the price of wines at its online portal is comparatively lower than other counterparts selling wines online. It helps the customers to save a considerable amount of money. The clients looking to buy rare and investment grade wines for their wine collection would be surprised by what UKV PLC has to offer. It has some of the rare and investment grade wines available for sale, and any and all confusion is sorted out by the company’s internal wine consultants. The customers can also choose to visit the company’s office in Croydon, Surrey, for an extensive discussion on the kind of wines they are looking for or any other wine-related queries.

Some of the most famous wines UKV PLC offer are Dom Perignon 2004, Gruand Larose 2004, Margaux 2004, Mouton Rothschild, and much more. UKV PLC is the ultimate place if you are looking for some of the best wines available today.

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EOS Lip Balm’s Story of Success

EOS lip balm charged out of nowhere in the early 2000s, and made a huge dent in the lip balm market. With cute packaging and fun flavors, this brand became a favorite among millenials. Eventually, EOS became the number two lip balm in America. There are several reasons for this surprising success.

Innovating in a Saturated Space

When co-founder Sanjiv Mehra considered the lip balm market, he and his team saw an area that was ripe for disruption. There were plenty of lip balms out there, but they all followed the same path that Chapstick had carved generations ago.

Instead of making yet another tube filled with a petroleum extract, Mehra tried something new. The EOS startup was thoughtful in its naming, packaging and flavor choice. Everything pointed to a more natural and organic type of oral care.

EOS, for example, stands for “Evolution of Smooth.” This name implies a journey. Chapstick’s name, by contrast, sounds solely functional: this is a stick made of petroleum jelly that will help your already-chapped lips.

The egg-shaped packaging the startup chose was feminine and interesting. Instead of turning the base of a tube, women would apply with a finger or brush, as with a lip gloss.

When influencers like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus were photographed using the product, the boost put the brand over the top. Not only would girls who liked all-natural, feminine products seek EOS out. So would girls who wanted into the cool group.

Another key advantage the company has is availability. All of the major retailers carry the EOS lip balm brand. This includes Kohls, Walmart, Walgreens, Ulta, and many more. It is also available on their company website.


The success of EOS shows that even when a category seems exhausted, disruptive change can bring new life to it. By refreshing an old-time product with new packaging and marketing, EOS was able to rocket to the top of its category in a very short time.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Paves the Way

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was started in 1991 as a local and regional title and document company that just served their local area. Since then it has grown into one of the nation’s largest and most proficient document providers. It is headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 600 employees in three states.


Eight out of the top ten leading national retail mortgage and lending companies choose Nationwide for their primary source of mortgage documents. The key to a successful mortgage document provider is that they can provide the right document nearly all the time and that the documents arrive promptly.


Nationwide has a 99.98% rate of compliance and only a .78% rejection rate. The meaning of these figures is that nearly 100% of the time, the documents arrive on time and they are accurate.


Much of the success of the company’s ongoing relationships with clients is due to the excellent training and quality of the employees who work for Nationwide. New employees receive immediate and in-depth training about what they will be doing and when they graduate onto the floor they are monitored closely by supervisors until they master the level of skills where they work.


Nationwide is a great place to work because employees have lots of input into processes that can make their jobs easier and more efficient. Management listens to the employees when they have suggestions, and it makes for a better environment in the workplace.


Compliance is the metric that measures the satisfaction of the customers, or the mortgage companies and the lenders. If you have ever been involved in a property closing, you know that the proper lien verification and titles releases available to transact business and transfer the property. If there are errors or worse yet, the wrong documents are received, or they are not received at all, the result is a delay.


John Hillman the company CEO says that if you want to have good compliance you have to train for it. Employees have to know what is expected of them, and if you train that way and monitor the results, it gets everyone on board, and the results are just better. Many companies talk about compliance, but results are just not there. It is a constant process, and it works if you work at it.


The future looks bright for Nationwide because the market share that they enjoy just keeps growing, and that is the pattern that the company’s management predicts for the future.




Securus Technologies Receives Award For Excellence In Customer Service

Securus Technologies is a provider of criminal and civil justice. Partially due to their outstanding technology they have won the Gold Stevie Award for having the best training available in customer service. This was the eleventh yearly event for the award. This award is the highest honor available for outstanding customer service, sales professionals, business development and contact centers. Many of the worlds most prestigious awards are organized by the Stevie Awards.


The presentation of the awards was in February at Caesars palace located in Las Vegas. Over 650 executives worldwide attended this special banquet. Organizations of all different sizes and industries were nominated which was a ten percent increase over 2016. A total of 77 professionals from all over the world acted as judges were responsible for determining the scores. There were 61 categories for achievements in contact centers and customer service and 53 for business development and sales excellence. The Stevie Award placements were Gold, Silver and Bronze and determined by judging committees of over 75 members.


Securus felt the empathy they feel for their customers situations was recognized. Solving any issues experienced by their customers on the very first call also provided their clients with an excellent experience in customer service. Their materials are designed to enable their agents to empathize with customers, give their full focus to their needs and aid them through a stressful time. Their customer satisfaction ratio is better than it has ever been.


The judges commented Secures held an important role in society and provided good service to the individuals who needed it the most. They also said Securus has shown a very strong improvement in the results of customer surveys and had a training team with a commitment to help their associates.


Eric pulier

How You Can Get the Most Out of Cloud Innovations: A Guide By Eric Puller

Eric Puller is a man of many trades. One of his most impressive successes is by being one of the many VP’s of the cloud and its many innovations. Eric has a few helpful tips for those either using the cloud or looking to get into using the cloud.

“The Cloud and its many innovations are a wonderful thing. It is how the user executes the use of the cloud is what determines its many capabilities”.

–Eric Puller

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1) According to Eric, you have to know where your data lives and breathes. It is not enough to say you are using the cloud. You need to know where your information is and how it is being protected.

2) Always backup everything. You never know when something may become compromised. You never know when your data is going to be lost. Everything can come crashing down in the blink of an eye. You need to protect yourself.

3) Whoever is doing your cloud security needs to be reliable. According to Eric Pulier, not every center takes this seriously. There are some cloud centers who are a bit more complacent on the matter. Do not let your security be put at risk over something the cloud is not doing.

4) Test everything that your cloud service puts out. It is the only way you will know for sure your data is safe. Are you testing something new for work? Run a test on it using the cloud service you are looking into using. See how the cloud responds to it. You will know what your answer is, depending on how it responds. One test is not enough. Run multiple tests on it. It is the only way you will know for sure.

5) Get references on any cloud center or service you are thinking of using. Do not just rely on word of mouth. Get specific feedback from those who have used it.

To read more about Eric Puller and his advice on the cloud click here.

Smartly Packaged Healthy Lip Balm

The packaging of EOS Lip Balm is enough to stop most people, and cause them to take a closer look. It was such clever marketing when the design team came up with that shape. A lot of us spend time driving, and live in parts of the country where weather extremes have us reaching for lotions, lip balms and moisturizers quite regularly. If anyone has ever had to fish a lip balm out of their purse, likely while driving, the traditional cases that lipsticks, balms and glosses come in are kind of nebulous, and can easily be mistaken for something else. Looking for EOS lip balm in your purse will have you much more quickly finding your way to moist lips, as that little egg-looking package, filled with moisture gold, is very easy to locate. This lip balm is about way more than a smart packaging concept, however.

Two seasoned professionals, caught up in the swallows of corporate America for collectively many years, started to reflect on the fact that “beauty” products, albeit a saturated industry, is a very lucrative one. In an attempt to figure out how to stand out in Walmart and beauty aisles of drugstore chains from coast-to-coast, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky decided no one had done much of anything innovative in the lip balm space in over half a century.

Upon doing research on what was largely being marketed as a unisex product, the Lip Balm Company found a disproportionate amount of users of lip balm were women, and they used it quite regularly as a part of their skin-care regimen. Having found the proper demographic to market to, they got a loan, and EOS was born.

The shape was born of a series of discussions on how to package it to engage all senses, and then they made the product from organic ingredients. This huge hit of a lip balm, with the tagline “The lip balm that makes you smile,” does just that, in a healthy and imaginative way.