Dr. Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is an experienced dental surgeon who has practiced his career so a long time. He received his medical education from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School of the University of London. Shafik is serving Sussex Healthcare company as a joint chairman. Sussex Healthcare company is based in South England, specifically in Sussex … [Read more…]

Jose Hawilla — The Lesson in Chess

Entrepreneurs should be ready to follow the trends. They have to have a particular vision that coincides with society. This might look like it’s not possible; however, it’s doable. The eminent entrepreneurs all have the power to follow the trends of current times and anticipate what’s coming next. By learning current trends and learning from … [Read more…]

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, President Of Bradesco

Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born, raised, and attended school in Marilla, Brazil. He graduated with a postgraduate degree and Master’s Degree in the Faculty of Philosophy, Psychology, Science, and Letters program of the Sao Paulo University. Luiz Carlos Trabuco began his career as early as age 18, when he started as a caixeiro at … [Read more…]

Rick Smith and His Efforts to Improve Service Delivery at Securus

Rick Smith has been the president and CEO of Securus Technologies since July 2008. Before working at Securus, Rick worked in; finance, operations, and information technology. His vast experience made him the right candidate to lead Securus into the future. Rick Smith graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with an Associate’s degree; he went on … [Read more…]

Julia Jackson: Picture Perfect

Jackson Family wines. Family owned vineyards since 1974. Led by Father Jess Jackson, Julia Jackson was inspired at a young age about hard labor and to appreciate what it took to become successful. Surrounded by wine and wine making her entire life, her passion for her families business flourished.Julia has a bachelors degree in the … [Read more…]

George Soros, financing the democratization of the world

George Soros is considered as one of the most philanthropic personalities across the globe. This is characterized by the fact that he has donated over $12 billion to organizations and individuals that fight inequality, unaccountable governments, as well as societies that do not promote equality, transparency, and equality so far.Among the groups that have benefited … [Read more…]