Why Do People Believe Equities First Holdings

There were over $1 Billion in transactions done by Equities First Holdings (EFH) globally. The office in London began in 2012, but it did its part to help the corporation with a good performance record. The performance records were based on over 700 transactions completed. The reason for such a good performance record was because … [Read more…]

4 Things To Know About Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is well-known in business circles. Few know of his humble beginnings. He was born of working-class parents in Newark, New Jersey. He attended public schools. Today he is one of the most influential and highest compensated CEOs in the United States of America. School and Career Tony is gifted, hardworking and innovative. Tony’s … [Read more…]

Hussain Sujwani, the DAMAC Properties Founder

Hussein Sujwani is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of DAMAC Properties, a company domiciled in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). DAMAC Properties builds luxury properties and has built more than 20,000 since it was founded in 2002. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg and Hussain Sajwani | Facebook Throughout its history DAMAC … [Read more…]

Notable Growth At OSI Industries

OSI Industries is a renowned provider of value-added protein & many food products in the retail and foodservice industry. OSI has more than 60 facilities operating in more than 16 countries. Their growth is gradually seen as expansion measures are always taking place. One of the most striking projects is the acquisition of the Tyson … [Read more…]

OSI Industries: The Quality Food Provider

OSI Industries is known as the world’s largest and reliable food provider. The company was established in 1909, formally Otto and Sons, in Oak Park Illinois. OSI Industries dominates the food processing industry globally. They offer long-standing, quality food products. OSI Industries provide customized, protein-rich foods to food retailers and quick service restaurants around the … [Read more…]