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Rona Borre Wants To Change Chicago’s Tech Industry

Rona Borre has worked in these industries

The Face Of The Tech Industry
The tech industry is one of the most prominent and thriving industries of Chicago, but it faces a serious diversity problem. There is a need to hire more professional women and this is exactly what Rona Borre is doing at Instant Alliance. Thanks to her hard work she is able to help tech companies find the right people to place in positions where they are needed in order to keep things running smoothly. Her work isn’t easy she manages to help out countless clients.  Check on

The Difference Instant Alliance Makes
Instant Alliance makes a difference by helping tech companies find the perfect person for each role. Finding qualified staffing for a tech firm or for finance isn’t always an easy task. Instant Alliance makes things easier by looking at more than the applicant’s resume. An applicant might have a decent education, but without experience and the right attitude they simply won’t offer much help. Rona Borre has worked in these industries and Borre understands how to help staff companies properly. There are so many things to worry about when you work in such important sectors of the workforce, but Rona Borre does everything to make sure things go smoothly.

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Lori Senecal wins top job at CP+B

Lori Senecal has taken the new position as CEO of Crispin Porter and Bogusky. Before the position, she served as the president and chief executive officer of another company known as MDC. She has served as the chairman of KBS where she held an executive position. Lori still plays her roles as the CEO of MDC. However, she has plans to leave her post as an executive at KBS. KBS has not yet made plans to find her replacement in the firm.

Her new position as CEO of CBP will make her responsible for the growth and expansion of the company. Lori Senecal has been placed in charge of eight different locations in the international markets. In an interview by NY Times she said that she has several plans for the future and the growth of the firm. Chuck Porter, the current chairman of the company, believes that Lori Senecal understands the agency quite well. He feels that she will add her values of passion with experience in management to improve the growth of the company and make it a global success. Many people in the firm believe that Senecal is going to complement the company and make it a global team.

Lori Senecal was born in Montreal. She is a businesswoman with a college degree. She currently works as the Global CEO of CP+B that is located in Boulder, Colorado. She has already played a huge role in the growth and expansion of the firm. She coordinates and oversees various sections of the business in its nine international locations. Senecal was appointed as the CEO of the company in 2015. She believes that firm has a lot to do regarding its global development strategy. According to several online sources, she has made a significant impact on the business and culture of the firm.

Many people have praised her for building an up-to-date global business. She has proven to have built a consistent and collaborative team. Lori Senecal has in the past specialized in the field of marketing and advertising. Her focus is on leadership skills and talent in every company. She is a great example to women that aspire to be great leaders. Lori Senecal has shown exceptional leadership skills and assisted in the growth and success of several companies.

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Adam Goldenberg, The Man Behind the Shoes Women Love

Adam Goldenberg, co-founder and co-CEO of JustFab, got his start as a teenage entrepreneur. Starting Gamers Alliance at the age of 15, he later sold the company to MySpace parent company, Intermix Media in 1999. Soon after, Adam quit high school, moved across the country, and joined Intermix as the Vice President of Strategic Planning. By age 20, Adam was promoted to Chief Operating Office, making him the youngest COO of a publicly traded company. While working at Intermix, Adam met Don Ressler, his now partner, co-founder, and Co-CEO at JustFab. Don, had also sold his company, FitnessHeaven, to Intermix in 2001. Adam Goldenberg is also serving as a venture partner at Crosscut Ventures, an early stage venture fund that focuses on growing the tech community in Southern California.

Adam Goldenberg and Don became fast friends and in 2005, when Intermix was acquired by News Corporation, the two joined forces and created their own company, an e-commerce brand incubator platform named Intelligent Beauty. The fruits of their work on Intelligent Beauty resulted in JustFab. JustFab is a style community where the “members” or customers can receive shoes, handbags, and accessories, tailored to their own personal styles and tastes, each month for $39.95.

JustFab, not only allow the members to customize the shoes, handbags, and accessories to meet their styles, JustFab also show the women how to wear each item by providing style boards and demonstrating complete looks on models on Compound, allowing them get a glimpse into how all the pieces will look together before ever purchasing anything. Subscriptions to JustFab grew once customers realized how JustFab catered to each woman personally. Perfecting the subscription model, nailing personalization, and delivering great quality products has catapulted JustFab into a shopping woman’s fairytale of finding great merchandise, in one location, at an inexpensive price.

Adam Goldenberg, along with Don Ressler, have pushed JustFab higher than either could have imagined. JustFab is currently in five countries outside of the United States. France, Spain, and Germany to name a few and is constantly expanding their brand with new launches such as Fabletics athletic brand, ShoeDazzle, and FabKids. Adam, seems to have a knack for being an entrepreneur and making any brand he touch successful. With six years of experience in internet marketing on YouTube, product development, and management, it is no wonder that Adam Goldenberg has made JustFab the fabulous company that it is and that women worldwide have grown to love.

United States Religious Freedom Restoration Act

On Wednesday, April 6, 2016, a federal court has determined that a religious organization The Native American Church of Hawaii must follow the federal marijuana laws regardless if the religious organization is consuming marijuana as part of their religious holy ceremony.

The Church has requested the court under the United States Religious Freedom Restoration Act, to be excused from this federal marijuana law saying they use marijuana during the church ceremonies in order for the church members to be able to connect with their creator.

The difficulty originates from an occurrence in 2009 when a church member had his marijuana taken by federal officials. A district court had ruled against this request earlier. On Wednesday, April 6, 2016, the 9th United States Circuit Court of Appeals approved the previous district court’s earlier decision to deny the request to allow the church to use marijuana as part of their holy religious sacrament.

Attorney Sam Tabar’s career path is very prosperous in both law and the business world. He attended the prestigious Oxford University, where he graduated with honors. After graduating from Oxford University, he went on to Columbia Law School to receive his law degree. Following graduation, he starts his career in 2001 as an associate for the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP.

LinkedIn lists that currently, Sam Tabar resides in New York City and is an attorney and capital planner. He is the Chief Financial Officer for Awearable Apparel an investment management company. He is also the Chief Operating Officer for FullCycleFund a position that is responsible for investment capital, as well as legal, operational, and tax matters.

Lately, Sam Tabar has reported that he was launching a new business. The new business selected by Sam Tabar is identified as THINX. THINX key goal will be the development of fashionable undergarments to help to encourage women in Africa and Asia during menstruation and incontinence.  This also inspired Sam to create a GoFundMe, to do more for Africa.

On Friday, April 8, 2016, a New Orleans District Judge Arthur Hunter order to have seven inmate’s release from jail. The seven inmates have been charged with very serious crimes. They had been held for many months without being able to have an attorney representation. The judge stated in his decision that a person who is not able to afford an attorney and has not been convicted can not remain in jail without a certain date to begin the courtroom process. The charges for the seven inmates will be placed on hold. The state of Louisiana is having money problems and not able to afford to hire public defenders for an inmate who are not able to afford an attorney.  For his hot take, follow Sam on Twitter.

Will A Ranch Outside San Diego Supplement Bellamy For Brian Bonar?

Brian Bonar came from Scotland to America to make food, and he loves bringing people into his place to give them the food and the environment that makes them feel good. Bellamy sits on the main drag of Escondido outside San Diego, and Mr. Bonar wanted his place to look like it belonged. He created the name Bellamy to make it sound right for the area, and he wants to keep fitting in because he loves San Diego so much.
San Diego is a great place to live because it never rains, the people are nice and the culture moves slower than the bigger places in California. San Diego is a big city, but it has these great places around it that feel like small towns that people would only see on TV. Mr. Bonar brought his food to the area because he knew the people there wanted to have a higher class of food coming out of the kitchen even though he was running a bistro that feels like a hometown diner.

Bellamy is not the only thing Mr. Bonar is doing in San Diego, but it is the best place to rest because it sits in the center of Escondido. said that people from San Diego can get there easily, and it would be nothing to come out for a lunch and head back to the city. Mr. Bonar is moving even farther out of the city to start a ranch where he can let people host their own events, and he can run another restaurant out of there. It will be like an escape from the rest of the world, but it is so easy to get around San Diego that Mr. Bonar knows he will have a great clientele.

The beauty of going to eat with Mr. Bonar is that he knows what it means to eat in a relaxed and sophisticated place. He wants his chef to make such great food that people will think it came from a place that has everyone standing outside in a waiting line for hours, but he actually runs a bistro that moves fast to give everyone great food. People do not find beet salads and other items of the sort in normal bistros, but people will find those kinds of things in the restaurants opened by Mr. Bonar.

Anyone who comes to San Diego has to come over to Escondido to try Bellamy, and they need to come out to the ranch when it opens. There is so much food to try with Mr. Bonar that everyone will be sated. The food is brilliant, and the ambience feels like it belongs in the relaxed and beautiful San Diego area. Mr. Bonar is a convert after moving over from Scotland to make his dishes.

Doe Deere’s Unique Beauty Rules

In the style and fashion world, the rule makers have long ruled the choices women were “allowed” to make. Today, however, as women assert themselves in the marketplace, it’s clear that the old “rules” don’t always fit. Women want to make their own choices about their personal style.

One of today’s style makers who is making her own rules is Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere. Deere is the CEO of her own makeup company, Lime Crime, and the individuality that’s expressed in this cosmetics company’s style makes it clear that Deere has a unique take on what really works for her.

Deere is known for the vivid colors she uses in her cosmetics line, and there’s no question that the style she shows on her Lime Crime website speaks to women who really want to make a statement with their beauty choices.

Deere has made a unique style out of breaking those rules, and here are a few that she has broken.

1. Don’t wear bright colors if you have an unnatural hair color.
This is a rule that speaks to those women who are sporting the pink, green or purple hair color that’s now in fashion. Deere’s feeling is that you can wear bright colors that coordinate with your hair color and come out looking great. A pink and blue ensemble with pink hair? Why not?

2. Don’t wear different patterns together.

This is a rule Deere loves to defy, and she does it with style. Her feeling is that as long as the patterns coordinate in some way, and play off each other well, it’s okay to wear them together.

3. Only accentuate the mouth or eyes with makeup, not both.

Again, Deere feels that this rule is all wrong. She loves playing up her eyes and mouth with bold colors, but she makes sure they are colors that go together well. When well applied, bold colors on the eyes and lips can be gorgeous.

4. Don’t wear socks with sandals.

Really? No socks? Not in Doe Deere’s world. She loves wearing cute socks that accentuate her outfit, and showing them off by wearing them with open toes sandals.

When it comes to style, every woman needs to make her own rules. That’s Doe Deere’s key to success and it should be yours, too.

Shaygan Kheradpir Leads To The Invention Of A Pluggable Optical Layer By Coriant Solutions

Shaygan Kheradpir is a self-made investor who has achieved so much in the information technology industry. Sir Kheradpir is a philanthropist who dedicates much of his time to better the operations of Coriant solutions without concentrating on personal gains. Kheradpir serves as the president and as the senior executive of Coriant Solutions Limited. He works in close association with Leggett Robert and DiPietro. Coriant Holdings Company started operating as an independent business organization three years ago.


Coriant Solutions Limited, which operates under the leadership of Shaygan Kheradpir, is hosted in Naperville, USA, and Munich town, Germany. This company specializes in telecommunications and technological advancements. The range of products offered by Coriant Solutions Incorporation varies from edge routing solutions, transport solutions, optical planning, to intelligent network management.


This company offers quality telecommunication services at an international level. Coriant Solutions Limited came from Marlin Equity Partners. The firm has more than three thousand committed and dedicated staff who works for the economic wellbeing of their clients. In his era as the CEO of this firm, Shaygan Kheradpir has led to the establishment of selling points across the whole world and the expansion of offered products.


According to news, the Company has successfully invented an optical layer that is pluggable. Kheradpir implied that this was the first layer to be successfully operational. He also added that the invention of the cable will increase flexibility and efficiency of costs used in the telecommunication sector. The invention of the cable brought about an efficient approach to mobile networks. Shaygan depicted that the cable will enhance flexibility that will ensure that the metro systems meets the mobile applications that are fixed.


The pluggable optical layer also gives the users a chance to customize the deployments of optical systems. The layer allows the user ability to match diverse functional components and mix them up without necessarily making payments to functionalities that cannot save the situation. Kheradpir stated that the invention of the cable would help Coriant Solutions make flexible services to customers all at an international level. Shaygan concluded by saying that the cable reduces costs by an estimated thirty percent, a scenario that has attracted many clients to the firm.

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