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Dick Devos And His Charity Work

The Devos is known for their immense charity work and in what they do. Dick DeVos is known for owning multiple businesses, including the Orlando Magic, Amway corporation, among many other business ventures that have turned into billions of dollars in revenue and worth. Known not for what he wears but more so for what he gives, Devos has been knwon for donating millions upon millions to charitable donations yearly. The entire family has been at the pinnacle of social growth in West Michigan. Having been in their world of business for many years, the entire Devos family has donated more than $1.2 billion in their entire lifetime.

Back in 2014, they were featured on the Forbes list of the annual Top 50 Givers List giving $94 million that year. They were ranked as the 20th top givers. The Devos are known for their immense charitable giving and hard work that has changed the way other businessmen are thinking. They have been known for widely supporting political candidates and different issues, but many magazines have decided not to join into those areas of their business and choice of giving. A good portion has been given to align institutions and to provide solutions.

The entire family works towards creating reliable charitable organizations. They have created about five different family foundations. The parents have the Helen DeVos foundation. Each of the four children have their very own foundations that all focus on different organizations and charities. They have wanted to have the organizations they helped to not discuss the gifts.

All of the foundations work in different ways to help a different group of people. Doug and Maria for example donated about $2.6 million to Grand Rapids public schools. This allowed for the schools to pay for teacher training and also improve the lives of the students to help them with their tuition fees.

The entire family has made huge change over the years. The $2 billion they have shared in their lifetime has changed the lives of numerous people across the globe. Whether it’s Amway or the Windquest Group, Dick Devos is one very respectful and hardworking guy who has worked so hard to create change and provide solutions to different organizations. With his great work both in business and throughout philanthropy, you will find that Dick continues to change his style of business to stay up to date with his innovative approach.

Music is Helping to Understand Autism

Sanjay Shah is a self-made millionaire and charitable man. His son was diagnosed with Autism and this drove him to find ways to help understand it. Simply sending money to charities did not feel like enough or even buying cars for a medical facility specializing in Autism. He went on to start his own charity and helped to choose how the money would be used to research and better understand Autism.

He really started to earn his money when he established himself as a hedge-fund manager, but he would now consider himself retired. He had a lot more free time on his hands after retiring, and a chance visit by the rapping icon Snoop Dogg prompted Sanjay Shah to come across the idea of setting up a music charity concert to raise funds and awareness for Autism. One of the first concerts he was able to set up was known as Blended. A mixture of having a couple of well-known artists, a good cause and a level of exclusivity for the event established it to be successful entry into his work in charity. Continuing with his idea and success he was able to open his own charitable organization now known as Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah has successfully used the influence and contacts he has gained throughout his life to drive other influential people within their industries to really make a difference. Autism Rocks has already drawn many iconic names to play for his private concerts and has raised millions of dollars to aid in researching Autism.

One of the methods being used to gather donations for his charity is a campaign. This is a great way to earn funding for any circumstance in life that you can imagine. This campaign gives Sanjay Shah an excellent way to earn money for Autism Rocks from the general public from anywhere in the world. A donation to this GoFundMe campaign will go on to help the Autism Research Center in Cambridge University develop research projects to identify who may develop Autism and specific ways to help people who have it.