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Beneful is a dog food company that comprehends the significance of dog nutrition and aims to provide your dog with healthy and succulent meals and treats. Its primary objective is to meet your dog’s needs and transcend expectation by providing a balanced, nutritious diet with real meat and no added sugars. Beneful also offers a satisfaction guarantee to ensure your dog’s satiation. Some of their products include:

1. Beneful Dry food Incredibites- this delicacy is available as wet and dry foods, in chicken and beef flavor. This protein-rich food contains 100% nutrients that are crucial for the healthy and happy growth of your dog. The mix of tender mini bites provides for a succulent and crispy mini bites for small dogs. A yummy and healthy meal containing beef, tomato and wild rice, which provides the dog the flavor it desires.

2. Beneful Playful life- this great treat is a nourishment rich in protein with real beef and egg. It’s both healthy and sumptuous, also containing blueberries and spinach. The meal provides your dog with the bounce of life it deserves.

3. Healthy Smile Dental Twists- amazing dental treats that help support teeth and grow strong bones. It aids in diminishing plaque and tophus proliferation, at the same time revitalizes breath. This treat contains real parsley and should be given as a treat and not a meal.

4. Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals- sumptuous dog food with beef accentuated with carrots, spinach, and peas. This healthy and luscious meld of soft and crunchy bites is rich in antioxidants that provide your dog with a healthy life.

5. Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends- the food is an assortment of beef, peas, carrots, barley and peas that are finely diced and provides a piquant blend. It is served with sauce and brings a delicate taste and a beautiful texture; a must have meal for your dog. Your dog won’t get enough of it.

Beneful dog foods are the total indispensable package for the wellbeing of your dog. Your dog will long for more and more each time. Treat your dog to this fantastic hardy meal for the phenomenal growth of your dog.

The Growing High-End Dog Food Trend Continues

Many of us have grown to begin taking note of what we put into our bodies, but reports now show that dog owners are doing the same with their pets too. It became known that ingredients that were deemed unfit for human consumption were being used in many brands products, along with questionable production line tactics. The combination of seeing this and taking a new approach to our own health has blossomed into a new awareness of what we give to our dogs on a daily basis. The market reports show that this is a growing Facebook trend among consumers, and business is booming.
Freshpet Inc. executives even have the confidence in their food that allows them to actually taste it themselves, as if there is no difference from it and human food. One executive even was quoted as saying “Tastes just like Thanksgiving.” Surely, this would be a rarity of occurrence a decade ago, where overly processed foods that were filled with preservatives were flooding the market. Freshpet Inc., along with Purina Store, seem to be leading the path in which other pet food manufacturers will follow upon.

After a demand from buyers to know what is going into their dog food products, companies like Beneful provided them with a sense of confidence that only the best ingredients were being utilized within their products. There is no reason why we shouldn’t understand that the better the food our dogs are given, the better their health will be as a result.

Companies are now personalizing products to various types of diets as well. There are a number of products available on Wal-Mart that aim to aid in weigh loss, senior metabolism needs, and so on. The mentality that “It’s just a dog” seems to be a thing of the past, since this new awareness of healthy diets for our animals is making up an ever-growing percentage of total dog food sales in this country.

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Whats In A Mutt?

I’m a strong believer that mutts make the best pets after looking after some of these amazing animals for years. So many people are looking to get pets that are pure breeds on but do not understand the difficulties that can sometimes come with getting a dog that has been created for a specific purpose. When a person has a mutt for a pet they are helping with a breeding problem while giving a good animal a home that they deserve.

My mutt has done so much to keep me happy, and I am always looking to do what I can to help make him happier and healthier. I have gone great lengths to find a diet that will help keep him around for a long time.

There has been much back and forth about what kind of food to feed my dogs, and each time they seem to end up liking the same thing. I have decided to rely on Beneful all my dogs because I know that they enjoy the taste and I get to save money. My current dog will eat the Beneful Original, but in the past I have had to mix a little bit of the Chopped Meals or Tuscan Medleys in with the dry food to keep my pets happy. My dog seems to like his food so much that I may have to switch him to the Beneful Healthy Weight variety in order to keep him in shape!

These dogs offer great companionship, they are smart, and overall awesome friends with the help of Beneful on amazon. I feel better with my mutts because I know that the genetics they have are much more solid from that of a breed that has had to breed inside the group. I don’t want a friend that I will have to lose early due to health issues that a breed is susceptible to.

It’s also cool to have a dog that doesn’t look like any other dog out there. My dog has a unique silver coat that I have never seen and many people stop to compliment how pretty he is. I love the great personalities that these pups have to offer. Most of them also seem incredibly intelligent compared to most dogs out there. I can’t imagine life without my mutts after the great experiences I have had.