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Lovaganza Will Bring Cinema To A Brand New Level

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Cinematic experiences have been developing with the generations. Originally pictures were silent; then with sound came color, and with color developed CINEMASCOPE experiences on Tumblr. Soon 3-D technology was on the scene, though the blue and red glasses of yesteryear definitely left something to be desired. Though three-dimensional technology has become more enhanced with the years, it can’t hold a candle to the proposed innovations of Lovaganza.

Lovaganza was originally planned for 2015, but because of the exceptional increase in technology, this release date has been pushed back to 2020. There will be a foray across the country via traveling showcase during the interim. This is designed to help drum up support and awareness of the incredible features Lovaganza is set to offer. An entirely new cinematic experience waits theatergoers in the next four years. Consider 3-D without any glasses. How can that possibly work? Well, there are now computer programs that can “project” a holographic image into the air that a pair of glasses pick up; the effect seems like a hologram; but it still involves glasses. Lovaganza says there won’t be any. Whatever is up the sleeve of the designers of this event must be interesting indeed!

In addition to new technological means of entertainment, all geared around the celebration of global culture, three feature films will be released in a Lovaganza trilogy. They will be sequentially sent to the theaters between now and 2020, and shown during the traveling expo of the Lovaganza show.

When the final event comes, it’s going to feature immersive experiences that go beyond simple cinema. Live and interactive events will be transitioned with exhibitions of all kinds. Culturally, the design of Lovaganza hearkens to the celebration of all peoples. When the final event hits in 2020, it will be four months long and featured at eight strategic locations across the globe. Those locations include America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, and Europe.

Yahoo Finance recently issued a press release pertaining to Lovaganza, demonstrating just how exceptional financing behind this effort must be. Considering all the factors involved, it’s set to be an economic beast of a show, with performances that will necessarily employ the talents of many, and require a good deal of infrastructural setup. Reminiscent of the World’s Fair and other similar events of the golden past, it will certainly be interesting to see this festive, ultra-modern event arrive in 2020.

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Lovaganza: Know Thy neighbor, Love Thy neighbor

Many countries have been and are continuing to be wracked by violence. It is a time of deep distrust among people of different backgrounds and cultures. Lovaganza offers a way to decrease the tensions and increase the understanding among people of diverse backgrounds by presenting the cultural traditions and talents of various nations through their art, particularly music and dance. As people understand other cultures better and appreciate their history and accomplishments more, perhaps people will be more tolerant of one another and less violent toward their fellow man, striving toward the Biblical tenet, “Love Thy neighbor as Thy self.” It is this lofty goal that Lovaganza hopes to achieve.

Lovaganza is an entertainment franchise co-founded and lead by J.F.Gagnon, producer, director, and his wife Genevieve, a director, producer and screenwriter, but it is much more than an entertainment franchise. It is a non-profit foundation dedicated to achieving a “universal quality of life for every child” around the globe by 2025. A motion picture trilogy, Lovaganza, is due to be released in 2018 along with a television series. A world wide tour will present the musical and cultural traditions of a smorgasbord of countries in a bohemian, gypsy camp, or state fair type of atmosphere. The movie and tour are billed as The Lovaganza Convoy, and advertisements and trailers depict the convoy of bikers, convertibles, and every imaginable kind of conveyance in an exuberant parade.

Lovaganza is being filmed in many locations, including the United States, India, Spain, France, Tahiti, Kenya, Brazil and many other nations. It is a project of immense imagination and scope, and is an incredible undertaking based on the hope that by introducing people to other cultures on Facebook, The Lovaganza movies and tour will foster a more tolerant relationship between people of many nations. It is an endeavor to foster peace in the world, and it comes at a time when such an endeavor is desperately needed. It is with hope, and excitement, that we can look forward to the movie trilogy, the television series and most importantly the world tour visiting a location near us, in the near future.

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