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EOS Lip Balm’s Story of Success

EOS lip balm charged out of nowhere in the early 2000s, and made a huge dent in the lip balm market. With cute packaging and fun flavors, this brand became a favorite among millenials. Eventually, EOS became the number two lip balm in America. There are several reasons for this surprising success.

Innovating in a Saturated Space

When co-founder Sanjiv Mehra considered the lip balm market, he and his team saw an area that was ripe for disruption. There were plenty of lip balms out there, but they all followed the same path that Chapstick had carved generations ago.

Instead of making yet another tube filled with a petroleum extract, Mehra tried something new. The EOS startup was thoughtful in its naming, packaging and flavor choice. Everything pointed to a more natural and organic type of oral care.

EOS, for example, stands for “Evolution of Smooth.” This name implies a journey. Chapstick’s name, by contrast, sounds solely functional: this is a stick made of petroleum jelly that will help your already-chapped lips.

The egg-shaped packaging the startup chose was feminine and interesting. Instead of turning the base of a tube, women would apply with a finger or brush, as with a lip gloss.

When influencers like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus were photographed using the product, the boost put the brand over the top. Not only would girls who liked all-natural, feminine products seek EOS out. So would girls who wanted into the cool group.

Another key advantage the company has is availability. All of the major retailers carry the EOS lip balm brand. This includes Kohls, Walmart, Walgreens, Ulta, and many more. It is also available on their company website.


The success of EOS shows that even when a category seems exhausted, disruptive change can bring new life to it. By refreshing an old-time product with new packaging and marketing, EOS was able to rocket to the top of its category in a very short time.

Smartly Packaged Healthy Lip Balm

The packaging of EOS Lip Balm is enough to stop most people, and cause them to take a closer look. It was such clever marketing when the design team came up with that shape. A lot of us spend time driving, and live in parts of the country where weather extremes have us reaching for lotions, lip balms and moisturizers quite regularly. If anyone has ever had to fish a lip balm out of their purse, likely while driving, the traditional cases that lipsticks, balms and glosses come in are kind of nebulous, and can easily be mistaken for something else. Looking for EOS lip balm in your purse will have you much more quickly finding your way to moist lips, as that little egg-looking package, filled with moisture gold, is very easy to locate. This lip balm is about way more than a smart packaging concept, however.

Two seasoned professionals, caught up in the swallows of corporate America for collectively many years, started to reflect on the fact that “beauty” products, albeit a saturated industry, is a very lucrative one. In an attempt to figure out how to stand out in Walmart and beauty aisles of drugstore chains from coast-to-coast, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky decided no one had done much of anything innovative in the lip balm space in over half a century.

Upon doing research on what was largely being marketed as a unisex product, the Lip Balm Company found a disproportionate amount of users of lip balm were women, and they used it quite regularly as a part of their skin-care regimen. Having found the proper demographic to market to, they got a loan, and EOS was born.

The shape was born of a series of discussions on how to package it to engage all senses, and then they made the product from organic ingredients. This huge hit of a lip balm, with the tagline “The lip balm that makes you smile,” does just that, in a healthy and imaginative way.


Adam Goldenberg: Only the best people for his customer

Fashion visionary, Adam Goldenberg admits he couldn’t tell a peep toe shoe from a Mary Jane before starting Techstyle. His ingenuity built the brand, Techstyle, featuring the popular websites bringing personalized style and affordability to everyone. Techstyle includes Goldenberg’s original brand, JustFab, along with Shoe Dazzle, Fabletics, Fabkids, PS by JustFab and the men’s athletic line, FL2. All the fabulous companies are successful due to Goldenberg’s passion about metrics. Adam Goldenberg’s diligence in measuring customer feedback made him a top American CEO. Glitches in the company’s website are fixed on the spot, ensuring an enjoyable, personalized, online shopping experience. Goldenberg’s success doesn’t solely rest on metrics alone. Goldenberg surrounds himself with the best people.

Adam Goldenberg formed and his first business, Gamer’s Alliance, at the age of fifteen. It wasn’t until he met partner, Don Ressler, that he became a name in the LA startup scene. Together they revolutionized high style through individualized customer service. In building Techstyle, Goldenberg and Ressler sought the best to collaborate with them. The Duo entrusted Kimora Lee to spread-head the fashion direction for JustFab. Kate Hudson’s scene of athletic style branded Fabletics as the premier athleisure company. Celebrities aside, it is the Techstyle’s standard for A game employees that ensures customer loyalty.

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TechStyle’s data-driven fashion

Goldenberg attracts the top employees because he is transparent about his expectations. First of all, he will only hire passionate people committed to bringing their best every day. As listed on the Techstyle website, Goldenberg and Ressler hold their people to the following standards: to be great at their job, Be Entrepreneurial and Accountable, Do the Right Work, Be a Team Player, Learn, and Grow, and most of all Let’s Not Take Themselves Too Seriously. He believes his customers doesn’t deserve service by B or C level employees; therefore, he won’t hire them. Goldenberg believes the strength of his companies lies in the dedication of his employees. He credits their dedication to Techstyle’s valuation of one billion dollars, giving the company, “unicorn status.”

Despite the mythical status, Goldenberg isn’t changing how he runs his business. He will continue to maintain his high standards in his employees as Techstyle creates more brands and expand beyond the online markets. He believes that his employees will extend the greatness of the Techstyle brand to dominate the apparel market in 2017.

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How EOS Became A Top Player In The Lip Balm Game

Everyone has seen the pastel-colored orbs of lip balm at the checkout lanes, in fact, a majority of people have tried this innovative form of lip balm called EOS. For over a century, lip balm was something people searched for in a plain cylindrical tube, and there wasn’t anything special about it. Sure, there were a few flavors, but it was all the same at the end of the day. EOS took a different approach and this company entered an already flooded market and managed to come out on top.

EOS, or full name Evolution of Smooth, can be found at most stores and in magazines. The company snuck on the scene, intentionally not building up much information about the new product. EOS began as a small startup and all their focus and financing went towards creating the products as well as distributing them instead of into marketing.

Lip balm was often treated as a unisex item, but through research EOS lip balm discovered it was most commonly used by women. Through research, it was found that most users liked the idea of lip balm pots, something that had recently entered the market, but consumers found it unhygienic to apply with their fingers. After all their research, EOS decided to create a product that could engage all five senses. The soft round orb feels good in the hands, they come in bright colors, they have delightful smells and tastes, and the orb even has a satisfying click when it’s closed.

EOS was certainly a creative product and differed from their competitors, but they needed something else to compete with lip balm giants like Chapstick (owned by Pfizer) and Burt’s Bees (owned by Clorox). EOS was lucky enough to land a meeting with a female buyer for Walgreens who fell in love with the product. She was their first account and after that successful launch, they were able to convince Walmart ( and Target to sell their product. Online retailers like ULTA and eBay began selling the EOS products too.

They began advertising in magazines and on TV, but knew the way to win the market was to create a buzz. They contacted beauty bloggers and had them review the product and discuss it on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Suddenly, EOS was everywhere. Celebrities like Britney Spears and Demi Lovato were seen using the product.

In just seven years EOS has become a household product. It has even spawned copycat products by brands like Bistex and Revo as well as generic store brands. For more background information on EOS, check out this article at Fast Company.


Athleisure wear is a new fashion trend

It combines the comfortable workout clothes with everyday life. In the past, clothing trends began during most people’s high school years. This was when most people experimented with fashion and style. With college, came a completely new set of trends and fashion statements from Fabletics. After college, most people settle into the professional fashion style set by the workplace. It was acceptable to experiment, but for the most part, there was an unspoken code of dress.

Fast forward to 2015-2016. New trends and new fashion styles on arrive each year. With the plethora of styles and level of acceptance that comes with them, almost anything goes when it comes to what to wear and when to wear it. Athleisure wear is all about taking out the high heels and skirts and dresses, and be able to wear comfortable clothing that is not only comfortable, but versatile as well. It can still be stylish and fashionable. With the marathon of work, family, and everyday life we have, being able to be comfortable and still look professional and put together is a must. The article in Bustle talked about what to wear and how to make it work for leisure time, work time, and evening time. Even when going out dancing, you can still wear stylish tennis shoes and still appear fashion savvy. The article on also had pictures of one young lady’s journey through high school until now. The pictures were very important for allowing people to see that athletic wear could be blended with other styles and still look appropriate for any occasion.

Fabletics on bustle is a company that prides itself on offering quality active wear. Co-founded by Kate Hudson, this clothing line from Fabletics wants to inspire and motivate women to lead healthier and more active lives. It is so easy to fall into a routine and slowly neglect yourself and your health. Fabletics wants women to take the time to dedicate themselves to becoming active and healthy while still being everything they want to be.