Talos Energy Hits It Big In Mexico

New Developments Some good news to help counteract all of the bad that seems to be so prolific in this day and age, Talos Energy has hit what appears to be a very large oil well off of the coast of Mexico. 37 miles out from Puerto Dos Bocas, the well named Zama-1 has executives … [Read more…]

Notable Growth At OSI Industries

OSI Industries is a renowned provider of value-added protein & many food products in the retail and foodservice industry. OSI has more than 60 facilities operating in more than 16 countries. Their growth is gradually seen as expansion measures are always taking place. One of the most striking projects is the acquisition of the Tyson … [Read more…]

Boraie Brings Apartment Development Project To Atlantic City

There’s a new development rising in Atlantic City. The 250-unit apartment complex comes from Boraie Devleopment LLC. The project is known as The Beach at South Inlet and will be the first market-rate development, in Atlantic City, in a quarter of a century. Sam Boraie expects this $81 million development to bring new optimism to … [Read more…]