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Securus Technologies Receives Award For Excellence In Customer Service

Securus Technologies is a provider of criminal and civil justice. Partially due to their outstanding technology they have won the Gold Stevie Award for having the best training available in customer service. This was the eleventh yearly event for the award. This award is the highest honor available for outstanding customer service, sales professionals, business development and contact centers. Many of the worlds most prestigious awards are organized by the Stevie Awards.


The presentation of the awards was in February at Caesars palace located in Las Vegas. Over 650 executives worldwide attended this special banquet. Organizations of all different sizes and industries were nominated which was a ten percent increase over 2016. A total of 77 professionals from all over the world acted as judges were responsible for determining the scores. There were 61 categories for achievements in contact centers and customer service and 53 for business development and sales excellence. The Stevie Award placements were Gold, Silver and Bronze and determined by judging committees of over 75 members.


Securus felt the empathy they feel for their customers situations was recognized. Solving any issues experienced by their customers on the very first call also provided their clients with an excellent experience in customer service. Their materials are designed to enable their agents to empathize with customers, give their full focus to their needs and aid them through a stressful time. Their customer satisfaction ratio is better than it has ever been.


The judges commented Secures held an important role in society and provided good service to the individuals who needed it the most. They also said Securus has shown a very strong improvement in the results of customer surveys and had a training team with a commitment to help their associates.


Securus Technology Making Christmas Better For Millions Of Kids

I couldn’t imagine the experience that some families go through during the holiday season. There are so many broken families out there, and kids trying to enjoy the holidays despite family hardships. I think one of the most heartbreaking situations is when a child has a parent in prison during Christmas. All that child wants to do is see their loving parent, enjoy the warmth of the living room together and open some gifts. But these children can’t do that because one of their parents made a bad decision. Something in me says that kids shouldn’t have to suffer this way.


It’s crazy. The American Civil Liberties Union estimates that 2.7 million children are living without a parent because of incarceration. That number is simply jaw dropping. It turns out that the United States locks up a higher percentage of its population than any other nation on Earth. Isn’t that crazy. We lock up more people than countries like Iran, Angola, China and Iraq! Do a little Google search, and you’ll find that these countries even ask the UN to investigate us on human rights abuses because of our criminal justice system.


Then I see this video. There’s this viral video that shows a split screen. On the right, there is an inmate. On the left, his son. They are speaking over a video chat. It’s called video visitation from a telecommunications company that goes by the name of Securus. But it is so much more than video chat. This innovation allows the family of the inmate to schedule these virtual visits online through an easy-to-use account. The video chats only cost about $3 each, and they save the family from traveling to the prison on Christmas day.


Just think about this technology from the child’s perspective. They don’t have to spend time putting on those bulky winter clothes. They don’t have to pile into the car in order to sit there for hours. They don’t have to endure the frustration of their parents who have to pay for parking at the jail. But most importantly, they don’t have to go through a security check, wait inside of a prison and see their parent in prison clothes.


Instead, the child gets to bring their parent right into the home with them on any electronic device. They can stay in their pajamas, open gifts and virtually visit with their parent. Securus is doing good work.


Securus Technologies: Changing the Incarceration Experience

Many people have debated on whether inmates at correctional facilities deserve access to more modern technology. Some think it’s part of their punishment while others think they have the right to it. SecurUs Technologies agrees with the latter. Securus Technologies has been a leader in the charge of changing the way inmates access communication services. The for-profit prison technology company has contracts with 2,600 correctional facilities within the U.S.

Originally based in Dallas, Texas Securus Technologies has regional offices in Carrollton and Allen, Texas along with another in Atlanta, Georgia.

Inmates at correctional facilities usually have to file their requests and grievances on paper forms, costing correctional officers valuable time distributing, collecting routing, logging, etc. All the time correctional officers spend handling paper forms can severely distract them from more pressing matters like security and safety.

Problems like these are the exact reason Securus Technologies created the ConnectUs Automated Form and Grievance Application. ConnectUs is a great example of how Securus Technologies is helping to modernize correctional facilities contracted with them.

ConnectUs Automated Form and Grievance application is introducing digital automation to facilities and making manual paper processes obsolete. With the ConnectUs application any type of custom forms for any request are much more available to inmates. Being much more efficient than paper processes ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application saves correction facilities a lot of money and precious time. Saving thousands of dollars on paper costs alone. ConnectUs has a host of other applications out there alongside side their Automated Forms and Grievance application

Securus Technologies continues to make innovative technology available to inmates, making their time spent in incarceration a little less bleak. Allowing them access to automation tools and features previously unavailable before.

Securus Makes Video Visitation So Convenient

My mother will be 80 years old next month. She is still in good shape for her age, but there are some places that she just doesn’t have any plans to go. She is not going to the gym. She is not going to any professional sports games. She is not go to visit her son – my brother – in prison. She will, however, be more than glad to sit down and visit with him through the Securus video visitation app that I have installed on her phone. Download the Google Play version here >>

I have visited my brother many times in prison, and I really hated it. I was also hoping for something that would come along that would make the inmate communication process easier. When he got transferred to a newer prison due to overcrowding that wish for better communication came through. The new correctional center had the video visit set up. With Securus inmates can rent tablets. I have to put money on my brother’s book so that he can rent the tablet. Then I also fund my own account through the Securus site and the communication can begin. 

The thing that I love the most about this is that I can get the rest of our brothers and sisters over with our mother and visit simultaneously. I actually hook my laptop (that has a webcam) up to my 4K 50 inch television. We can see our brother on my huge television screen, and this is so much better than going to the prison.


Securus has a lot of different products on the market, but this one seems to be the biggest hit that I have heard of so far. I know that there are some other investigation tools from Securus that my uncle has spoken about. He is a police officer so he knows a lot about this. I haven’t been watching the company long enough to know about anything other then the video visitation software, but that is enough for me. I know that this software works well. It has become so instrumental in bringing our family back together.

For my siblings and I were all busy doing our own thing. We had our own families and our own lives. When my brother got locked up we started having more times were we would get together to visit with him through the Securus Technologies app. I love what this company has done.

Learn more about the company by checking out their BBB profile.