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Capital Group Partners With Samsung Asset Management To Advance Investment Strategies In Korea

Samsung asset management and Capital Group on October 14, 2015, launched a partnership to collaborate on advancing investment strategies for retail and institutional investors in Korea.

They agreed that Capital Group would assist Samsung Asset Management to know about “Capital-style active management,” to offer management skills in areas like client and business management.

Timothy Armour, chair of Capital Group, said that their main aim is to co-design investment remedies to fulfill the retirement, savings, and insurance-linked wants of Korean investors. Consequently, both Samsung representative and Tom Joyce said that details of the relationship’s economics – how co-designed products would be disseminated and earnings shared – was yet to be worked out.

Timothy “Tim” Armour

On July 28, 2015, Timothy Armour was appointed by the Board of Directors of Capital Group as its Chairman. Timothy is the CEO and chairperson of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., and the Capital Group Companies Management Committee’s Chairman. Tim replaced former Chairman Jim Rothenberg who passed away in 2015 while on vacation.

Tim has 34 years of investment experience at Capital Group. He covered U.S. Service companies and telecommunications when he was a Capital Group’s equity investment analyst. He started his career as an Associates Program participant at Capital Group, after graduating from Middlebury College. He is a bachelor’s degree holder in Economics and resides in Los Angeles.

Timothy said that investors should consider investment risks, objectives, expenses, and charges; this is enclosed in the fund’s characteristic report, which is obtainable from a relationship manager or financial professional.

Capital Group

From 1931, Capital Group has achieved consistent results over the years by delivering superior investment and financial services for long-term investors using active research, high-conviction portfolios, and individual accountability. Today, the fund manages assets that are worth at least $1.4 trillion.

According to Timothy, Capital Group’s strength lies in the combined talents of its associates and remains focused on their mission to provide long-term, superior results to both clients and investors. He also advocates for active fund management. This is because he believes that investors deserve to be served by active managers who rely on market research to find new profitable avenues to invest.

Importance of Investment Banking

Benefits of investment banking

Investment bankers act as agents between the security issuers and investors. The intermediaries buy the shares and the resell them at the higher prices. Investment banks help most companies to go public. Investment banking is the most reliable financial devices. They serve many business enterprises. Investment banking gives various kinds of financial services like property trading and trading securities in helping organizations.

Investment bank as advisors

Making a decision on how to raise money is always difficult. Investment banks advise individuals on the best way of raising money. The firm helps in determining the price of the tools by making use of financial models. Investment banks assist the government and their agencies to raise funds. They aid the public in the management of money on both debt and equity. Investment banks are the cornerstones of every step an individual takes in making investments. They provide security and surety of the investment done.

Information of Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is an experienced investment banker. Investors need good banks for investment that will enable them to get at the top. Martin has been helping clients who make investments in banks for an extended period. Martin was a citizen of Australia and Venezuela. He leveraged his citizenship to assist investors. He is a big believer of international banking investments.

Martin shares his wealth among many countries. Martin knows the trend of the market, and he can, therefore, tell the market is about to fail. Martin gets the best result from the market which also makes him benefit from the local growth. He is the best advisor on investment. Making smart moves make people reach their goals. Individuals who want to expand their investments should follow the ways in which Martin makes his investment.

An Investment Bank is an entity that helps people in making money by investing in banks and stock exchange. The banks can be private or public investments. Investment banks enable individuals to get profits and maintain them for a long time. Before investing in a bank, one should consider the preceding information on the investment interests and benefits. Investment banks help individuals and corporate business in accessing stocks, purchasing and selling of bonds.

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