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Why The Kraft Farm Thinks Jon Urbana Is A 21st Century Renaissance Man

When one hears the term “Renaissance Man”, one could be forgiven of thinking of that actor in the wig who works at the Ye Olde Renaissance Faire. But the term actually is a reference to the bright lights of that actual period, such as Leonardo da Vinci. Such men were truly “multi-taskers”, often producing genius level work in multiple areas, such as art, science, and engineering. While the term wasn’t used during the actual Renaissance period, it found its way into English vernacular in about 1906 as a way to describe a person who had many interests and great talent in carrying them out.

While the term hasn’t gotten much use in the later half of the 20th and early 21st centuries, it’s time to dust it off for Jon Urbana. Urbana is an artist and entrepreneur who has recorded music, produced videos, created sports camps, started a medical business, and was recently a Federal Aviation Administration Award recipient. Even Leonardo da Vinci wasn’t a professional athlete.

But Urbana can make that claim. A former professional lacrosse player, this Denver native has used his athletic talent and training to found the Next Level lacrosse camps for aspiring young players who want to improve their game. He has also filmed and produced a number of camp-centric videos to promote them and their work.

In addition to video making, Urbana has professionally explored his interest in electronic music. Under this format, he has produced original work and crafted remixes of older work, and his songs can be found on and

And Urbana was recently named one of those included in the prestigious FAA Airmen Certification Database. This listing indicates all commercially licensed pilots who have met or exceeded all required flight, safety, and medical training. Urbana uses his pilot skills in his business (he also heads a medical laser company called Ellipse) and camp related activities.

In addition to his various business and creative blogging endeavors, Jon Urbana is involved in charity work, most recently in rescuing and finding appropriate homes for stray cats.