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Ricardo Tosto

The war and battle of markets is a determining factor for the fight against corruption in Brazil and in the world. To better understand this premise, just look at the United States’ FCPA, a law created in the 1970s that aims to prohibit companies working in the country from corrupting employees to gain any kind of advantage, say lawyers Ricardo Tosto and Jorge Nemr, partners Of Milk, Tosto and Barros.


However, shortly after its creation, it became clear that US companies would have a major disadvantage in the dispute with companies in countries where “kickbacks” were part of the business, especially in areas such as defense and infrastructure. To overcome this obstacle, the United States decided to press other countries to adopt similar legislation, which also condemned such practices of corruption.


Despite this fact since the 70’s, it was from 2008, with the imminence of the world economic crisis that affected several countries, that this American pressure intensified. According to data from the US Department of Justice, between 2007 and 2011 more penalties and sanctions were applied in the FCPA than in the previous thirty years, according to Ricardo Tosto.


In addition, the United States also makes access to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank difficult for countries that are not committed to create an unfavorable scenario for corruption, which contributes to their fight in Latin American and African countries, for example.


Another strong indication of the influence that the dispute of markets has in the fight against corruption is the most recent case of the investigations in FIFA, emphasize Ricardo Tosto and Jorge Nemr. In the year 2013, sports activities were responsible for moving about $ 80 billion, and more than 40% of that amount belongs only to football, which has been established for decades as the most profitable sport on the planet.


Noting that more than $ 36 billion a year remained controlled by a single, allegedly corrupt, foreign organization, FIFA and the United States once again used their anti-corruption laws to weaken the process and hence allow a fairer dispute in that market So profitable.

The Value of Hiring Local Divorce Attorney Ross Abelow

Matters concerning family law can be extremely difficult to handle without professional help. Making the decision to start divorce proceeding is painful for everyone involved, especially children. The local family law attorney can utilize their vast experience to help you to deal with the emotional issues that will affect you many years from now.

Here are a few reasons you need to secure the services of divorce lawyer Ross Abelow sooner than later.

The Separation of Belongings
One of the biggest issues you will face during the divorce is trying to separate emotions from decisions. While you might feel hurt, pain, and anger towards a spouse, you can not let heated confrontations affect the eventual outcome of the case because it could impact you for many years to come. Local divorce attorney Ross Abelow understands that things will get heated and highly emotional, he uses his years experience to keep parties separated until it is absolutely necessary to be in court together. He will break down the property in a way that everyone wins, and so that ill feelings do not exist as to make a troubling situation even worse.

Ross Abelow is your best bet for trying to negotiate a more favorable outcome. He lives in that courtroom and understand all the complexities surrounding these family law cases. Having worked with the judges and prosecutors several times this year already, he is in the best position to get your case in and out of the court quickly.

Making the Best of a Bad Situation
Regardless the reason for the divorce, Ross Abelow understands that in order to keep the proceedings moving along, both parties need to be treated professionally. Nothing will ever be accomplished by pitting one side against the other, especially when it comes to children. Creating a plan that allows both parties to move on and ensures the children are cared for is the ultimate goal of this divorce lawyer. Trying to punish one side by stripping them of all their assets and the rights to see the kids will only make things worse for everyone.

The ultimate goal of this law firm to to try and settle things amicably so everyone has the chance to heal and move on. You need a professional divorce lawyer who understands people and their emotions, not someone who can read from a law book and fight without mercy.

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A Lawyer Can Guide You


There are lots of reasons why debt collectors will challenge a debt. There are many reasons why they will challenge any debt that has been disposed of. How many of you fall into this categories below?

–You got the debt through fraud. Any time you obtain money through false pretenses and rack up some debt, this is considered fraud. You are basically cheating the government. The government doesn’t look to kindly on this one. There are two options here. You either did this with intent. You did it unintentionally. These are your only two options. In both cases, you need to hire a lawyer in Brazil. Brazil is one of the toughest countries on this. If the debt has been disposed of, this will make it worse. Hire a lawyer for this. The intentions might have been negative; but, you can turn that negative into a positive by hiring a lawyer.

–You spent the money. This category has two challenges. Either, you took some cash advances out, before the filing happened. This has to be equal to seventy days. The advances have to be equal to nine-hundred and twenty-five dollars or more.

You could have also spent close to or beyond six-hundred and fifty dollars in a short time span. Both of these will not look well for you. If you want your case to come out okay, you have to hire a lawyer now.


Unless you want things to turn out good for you, you might respond to the complaint. Federal law dictates this. You have to give your side of the story. Sometimes the other side gets it wrong. Sometimes the other side makes false claims, only to make it good for them. It’s in your best interest to respond. It’s in your best interest to tell your side. It’s in your best interest to show proof; otherwise, your side is just another story. It’s also in your best interest to hire a lawyer. A lawyer can guide you in which direction to go; especially, if you are being falsely accused of any of these crimes. You also need to have proof.


Ricardo has been studying law for years. He is the former president of the Brazilian Bar Association. He is also a member of the International Bar Association. Ricardo has specialized in many areas of law over the years. His biggest credit though concerns the debt area. He has helped hundreds of clients get out of debt. He has also helped hundreds of clients challenge the validity of their debt. Do you fall into this category?

If you do, give him a call today. He is also a legal and political writer. He has given thousands of lectures over the course of his career. Do not miss a chance to connect with him. He is your best chance at getting your debt cleaned and cleared. Go on his site today. Send his office and email. Give his office a call. His time is valuable and so his yours. Do not waste your precious time. Ricardo is here to help.