Bruno Fagali`s Great Achievements

Bruno Fagali is the owner of the FAGALI Advocacy, and he has been serving in the Brazilian law for a vast number of years. Bruno has a lot of knowledge on all issues related to administrative and regulatory law. Due to his expertise, Bruno Fagali has helped some business owners as well as individuals efficiently … [Read more…]

Ricardo Tosto

The war and battle of markets is a determining factor for the fight against corruption in Brazil and in the world. To better understand this premise, just look at the United States’ FCPA, a law created in the 1970s that aims to prohibit companies working in the country from corrupting employees to gain any kind … [Read more…]

The Value of Hiring Local Divorce Attorney Ross Abelow

Matters concerning family law can be extremely difficult to handle without professional help. Making the decision to start divorce proceeding is painful for everyone involved, especially children. The local family law attorney can utilize their vast experience to help you to deal with the emotional issues that will affect you many years from now. Here … [Read more…]

A Lawyer Can Guide You

CHALLENGING A DISPOSED DEBT There are lots of reasons why debt collectors will challenge a debt. There are many reasons why they will challenge any debt that has been disposed of. How many of you fall into this categories below? –You got the debt through fraud. Any time you obtain money through false pretenses and … [Read more…]