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Parliment Usurping Foreign Policy Causes Maduro to Sue

On June 6, 2016, the President of Venezuela filed a formal complaint against the Supreme Court of the country. This news is extremely surprising considering that every Supreme Court member was placed in office because they were politically aligned with Maduro. The accusation that Maduro places against parliament is in regard to their supposed attempt to “usurp” his powers when it comes to the way he manages foreign policy.
The actions taken by Maduro is seen by expert Danilo Diaz as the result of opposing lawmakers lobbying against the president’s actions in suspending Venezuela from the Organization of American States or OAS. Other countries that are in this organization are allowing the members of the opposition to exit the country and enter into other countries withing the OAS. Other opposing members are turning to the European Union for legal counsel in this matter, which has further angered Maduro.

Expert Danilo Diaz Granados also says this only makes the current political and legal situation in Venezuela worse than it already was. In April, leaders of OAS met in Washington where they extended laws and sanctions against the political members of Venezuela. These sanctions were filed due to the complete breakdown of constitutional order in the Venezuelan government.

With multiple countries standing in union against the acts of the Venezuelan government due to the mistreatment of the residents, the Organization hoped that Maduro would release his tight reign on foreign help and monetary exchange for the good of the people. However, there has been no change in his approach to any matter brought before him.


Philanthropy in Michigan: Dick DeVos and Education

Charitable events are often criticized for being lavish and catering to the most wealthy among us, the most well off, but it’s this group of people that is best positioned to give back to communities that have helped them along the way to becoming a success. So, for many it won’t take much work to find a recognizable name supporting a cause they believe in.

One name that would be noticed by citizens of the state of Michigan is Dick DeVos. And though his entire family seems quite active in philanthropy and charitable causes, it’s Dick who puts his network of $5 billion to work the most, making him one of the wealthiest charitable giver in the nation. Working with his wife, Helen, Dick runs the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation, an organization that is concerned with backing educational reforms across their home state of Michigan. This concern for school children in the state makes up a great deal of their philanthropic concerns, and is arguably only challenged by their socially and politically conservative concerns.When not working to reform education, Dick turns to religion, including the support of parochial schools, Christian youth groups and faith-based charities. Dick has been active in supporting Focus on the Family, which marries conservative politics and religion, something Dick has had an active interest in. In the past, Dick has donation to the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and Freedom Works, all of which are organizations that drive conservative politics and politicians. In past presidential races, Dick DeVos has lent financial support and endorsements to candidates like Rick Santorum and New Gingrich before taking a chance on himself in 2006 when he ran for governor of the state of Michigan.

Dick DeVos has enjoyed a distinguished career that has allowed him the privilege to work in various markets and in differing positions in several companies. Between 1993 and 2002, Dick worked for Anway, ultimately becoming their President, and from his office he managed $4.5 billion in global assets that were used to fund operations in over 50 countries, all under his constant supervision.

In his personal life, Dick has used his public image to be an advocate in support of educational reforms on the behalf of students. He put this into action by working with organizations like Education Freedom Fund, extending scholarships to thousands of Michigan students seeking higher education within the state and abroad.

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016


CCMP Capital is a world class investment private equity firm with over $ 16 billion of investments around the world. It has targeted the retail industry, industries, healthcare and the energy sector. It uses the buyout and growth equity transactions grow. It has leveraged its proprietary models and industry experience to invest.

CCMP Capital has a 31-year-old heritage it is proud to share with all willing to listen. It was founded in 1984 as the investment wing of chemical industries. It was initially named Chemical Venture Partners. In 1991, it merged with Manufacturers Hanover investment division named MH Capital Partners. The new unit was called Chemical Venture Partners. In 1996, they merged with Chase Manhattan Bank to create Chase Capital Partners. In 2000, they merged with JPMorgan to form JP Morgan Partners. In 2002, JPmorgan partners closed one of its funds with $ 5.4 billion. It led to a series of events that saw CCMP announced in 2006.It was an almagation from its rich history. The names stand for Chemical venture partners, Manufacturers Hanover and Chase capital partners.

The 1st CEO of CCMP Capital and its founding father was Stephen Murray. He took over in 2006 and held till 2008.Mr Murray sadly passed on leaving behind a loving family and friends.

Mr Murray was a legendary deal closer and investor. He led the firm to its 1st $ 3.4 billion leveraged buyouts in 2007.It was his proudest moment he recently said in an interview Murray also diversified the company’s portfolio. His biggest dream was building a hedge fund with high returns and low risks.

Mr Murray also saw the form expand globally. It today has 50 employees spread across the globe managing $ 16 billion of its assets. Only the best are hired at CCMP.It is one of Steve Murray legacy. The workers are well paid and encouraged to be innovative.

Mr Murray was born on the 2nd of August 1962.The 52 year attended Boston College for a degree in economics and later joined Columbia for MBA.Mr Murray was until his death an adherent of education. He hired the most qualified as he believed they would give him the leverage he needed. It was his dream team.

Mr Murray started his career with Manufactures Hannover in 1984 as the credit analyst. It was at the graduate training program immediately after his MBA.In 1989, he joined MH Equity Corporation. He was to join the then Chemical partner ventures in 1991 after they purchased his firm.

In 2005, Mr. Murray cofounded CCMP Capital. It was a spin out of JP Morgan Chase and was named its CEO in 2007.He has served on various boards including at Aramark and Pinnacle Foods. He is a well-known Philanthropist, who has substantially supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Matt Landis’ Accomplishments For Notre Dame’s Defense

matt landis lacrosse
Matt Landis is a a lacrosse player that currently plays and has received many awards for playing on the Notre Dame men’s Fighting Irish. Notre Dame lacrosse is famous throughout the sport’s world, and it is also known for turning out great academic achievers. Matt is the epitome of a great athlete. He plays as a defenseman for a famous lacrosse team, and 2015 has been a banner year for Matt. The awards and accolades he has recently racked up include First Team All-American, the Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine Player of the Week, the NCAA defensive player of the year, and the Atlantic Coast Conference 2015 ACC Defensive Player of the Year. He was awarded all four of these in May of 2015.

matt landis lacrosse
Matt Landis is particularly noteworthy for his performance against the Albany Great Danes on May 16, 2015, but he also had an amazing year playing for Notre Dame. He wasn’t alone though, and due to Notre Dame excelling so much at lacrosse, Matt was able to be a part of seven other players from the Fighting Irish to be awarded All-American status. Matt was named first team All-American because his leadership of Notre Dame’s defense is well known. The team ranks number 12th in the country for caused turnovers, ranked 18th nationwide in scoring on defense and a rank of 9th nationally in overall defense which is greatly in part due to Matt’s defensive leadership. His leadership against the Albany star-player that all but neutralized the opposing teams offense is what led to the victory of the Fighting Irish and Matt being named the Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine Player of the Week.

matt landis lacrosse

Academics in lacrosse at Notre dame is amazing. Every single lacrosse player has gone on to graduate and many receive academic honors, and Matt appears to be no exception. Matt may be known for athletic accomplishments, but he is also an accomplished student. Right now, Matt is attending the Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame, and he’s doing very well.

matt landis lacrosse
Matt embodies the school’s three pillars on which the lacrosse program is built on. The program focuses on character, community and culture, and Matt proves himself in all three both on the field and off of the field. It is important to the school to see their athletes become the students, players and people they aspire to be, and Matt Landis is on the right track.

Stephen Murray; the Business Hero

In 2006, Stephen Murray joined other partners to establish the CCMP firm. CCMP spun from JPMorgan Chase & Co. to reduce the arising conflicts with the clients from the bank. The company targeted the middle-market. The growth equity investments helped the company to raise its fund last year with almost $ 3.6 billion. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital ensured all partners participate fully in ensuring the company runs smoothly according to the business plan that was guiding its operations. His leadership and managerial skills have moved CCMP to a higher lever that the other partners can testify. News has been going around that Murray has died.

He left the buyout company at 52 years due to health reasons. News from trusted sources has confirmed about his death, but there are no further details about his death and burial. His partners were saddened about it, as they knew him as a terrific dealmaker and investor. He passed his leadership traits to his teammates soothing they will live to remember about him. Everyone from the team had something positive to say about his career life and his charismatic abilities.

The website of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital company states that it usually invests between $ 100 million to around $ 500 million of cash per transaction. They have established a stable and reliable market that they serve. CCMP focuses on firms in the healthcare, consumer, industrial, and energy sectors. It has also invested in the various portfolio as a way to increase its profits. The team members have diversified the risks by investing in different risks and carrying out research on the portfolio before pooling funds in it.

Stephen was from New York. He schooled in Boston College for his degree and got the Masters from Columbia University in the same city. Murray joined JPMorgan in 1984 as a trainee in the credit unit. His hardworking and determination earned him the points to become the vice president of the middle-market lending. He joined a leveraged finance and private equity department of the Manufacturers Hanover that was before CCMP. After the various merging, the Manufacturers Hanover is now part of JPMorgan.

In 2005, Murray became the President of the buyout business. The company has faced several challenges and forces from competitors and partners. Stephen used his skills to ensure that the firm operates towards achieving its objectives and goals. Separation of the firms has made it easy as the company can now target its clients and make its policies. He served major companies where he left his legacy.

You Too Can Learn from James Dondero

Have you ever sat back and wished that you had a way to learn from a premier hedge fund manager like Jim Dondero? A lot of people have ideas and insights about the market, but they don’t know how to take things to the next level. They are eager to learn and smart enough to do it – often with college degrees to prove it – but they just want some real world advice. If this sounds like you, you’ll be glad to know that you can learn from Jim Dondero, as so many people have over the years, and he can help you with insights and observations.

Dedicated to sharing these insights, he’s created a whole section on his blog where he just writes about the market in his spare time. Sometimes, he just gives thoughts about what happened, such as how much the market moved and how volatile it seemed – or how calm it was. Other times, he even ponders what these things could mean, discussing signals and other tells that let people who analyze the market know what’s coming. These are the types of things he’s considering all of the time, and he puts them other there for anyone to read.

Why does he does it? There are a few reasons. For one thing, he just writes about the market because it’s more than a job for him. It’s also a hobby. It’s something he’s interested in, something he loves. A lot of people write about their own hobbies for no personal gain at all, every single day. Whether that’s fantasy football moves that should be made, hiking trails that people should explore or new bands that are in town, everyone has something that they like, and they enjoy sharing it.

It’s also a good way for him to mull things over and think about them. Often, writing things down is very beneficial because it forces the brain to slow down. It makes you think about it. You may be trying to weigh two options in your head for hours – like which stocks you should buy and which to sell – and you may not figure it out. Then, in the act of writing it out, everything will click. You’ll know what you should do. Again, this is not just for investments, but that’s how he uses this process. It helps make him better at what he does, and he’s glad if it helps other people along the way.

Finally, it can be helpful for others who are interested in getting involved in his hedge fund. He handles billions of dollars for other investors. They’re not giving him that money lightly. They want to know what he’s done and they want to know how he did it. This shows them that he can do it again, which is when they will be interested in investing on their own. By writing down his thoughts and processes, he gives people who are on the fence exactly what they need.