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EOS for Kissable Lips

Do you really know what is in your makeup? It is so easy to apply foundation and other skin products without a second thought. But with so many frightening ingredients out there, we must be diligent. Our skin is our calling card to the world, and keeping it safe and supple is extremely important. The lip balm company Evolution of Smooth or EOS knows this, and takes care to keep their consumer’s needs first.
Boasting all natural ingredients and gluten-free options, EOS is a definite front runner for organic lip products. Ranging from active protection featuring SPF to shimmer spheres for the night owl crowd wanting to vamp up their look, the company is sure to keep their products free of negative ingredients and their prices reasonable. What better way to perfect your pout. After all, moist lips are their business, and business is good!

Evolution of Smooth carries lotions and shaving creams as well, also packed with natural ingredients that are great for your skin. Even the packaging is great, slim and simple, a big plus for he environment as well. Check out their products on Ulta. Giving your lips a treat has never been so easy, and let’s face it, kissable lips are the very best reward.

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