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Different Reasons People Switch Carriers

There are tons of factors that cause a customer to switch. It could be anything from problems with their current carrier to something that the new carrier is offering. It could be anything from the new phone that they are interested in getting to even a problem with their old contract. Fortunately, every company offers phones with no contract. One of the carriers that offer phones with no contract is Sprint. Sprint is definitely one of the more inexpensive carriers for people that are interested in a mobile phone service. It is also working over other known carriers.

One of the carriers that works under Sprint is FreedomPop. The company FreedomPop has started when certain people have noticed how costly some of the services could be. They saw a need that people had and worked on ways to fulfill that need. The founders of FreedomPop have thought about the needs of people who couldn’t afford any of the services that are offered by the carriers, especially because of the economic crisis. They have put together a type of service that gives people a little bit of service for free every month. They also allow people the opportunity to pay for more service.

This business proposal has proven to be very successful for FreedomPop. Due to its success, FreedomPop was able to expand into other markets. They have also built a collection of products that are compatible with the service plan offered by FreedomPop. These products are for the most part old phones. None of the phones or tablets are totally new. However, FreedomPop has teamed with Intel in the development of a new smartphone that is going to feature their new processor called “Sofia”. This new Intel Phone is expected to be released sometime this year. This will be Intel’s way of breaking into the mobile market.

In a way, it has become easier to switch carriers because a lot of times, the phones are locked to the provider. If anyone is looking for a good mobile phone service, they just have to find the type of phone they want from the service provider of their choice. They also get to look at the type of services provided and the type of features that come with the service. They could also find out how much it would cost to add a line to the service. For one thing, some service providers provide a deal where they charge only $25 extra for each line added to the account.

Moto E Being Offered by Motorola and FreedomPop at a Discount

Over the past 10 years the telecommunications industry has exploded in growth. We went from small flip phones where texting was about as high tech as it got to smartphones who rival many computers in power. This had led to a dramatic increase in the choices of phones and phone providers.

The fact that there are so many different players in the telecom market means that different companies are trying different things in order to gain customer share. Traditional phone companies have their customers sign up for a contract and then sell them a phone which is subsidized by the plan over time. The new telecommunications provider FreedomPop has decided to take a different route.

Instead of having to pay every month FreedomPop offers people subscribing to their service the ability to pay for what they use. Better yet, when you stay under a certain amount of data, minutes and texts your bill is free. You heard that right- you do not pay a dime.

This plan is great for people who tend to use their phone on wifi and do not make a ton of calls or texts. If you do want to use a little bit more of the network like googleplay you are only required to pay for what you use. Not only that- if you pay for network usage and you do not end up using it the minutes, texts or data rolls over to the next month.

This new partnership with Motorola means that FreedomPop members can buy a phone that typically retails for 250 dollars or more for the low price of 49.99. Not only that- the phone will come with FreedomPop service built in. In theory you can pay your entire phone bill plus a phone for your entire year by purchasing this phone.

While these phones tend to be low to mid range they are a fantastic option for a backup phone, a phone for an older person or as a fun toy for your child. The FreedomPop and Motorola partnership is a great step forward in breaking the monopoly that the big telecommunications firm own.