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Health and Good Taste with New Organic Pet Foods

Purina and Beneful dog food are working to make pet food healthier than it has been in the past. Pet owners are very happy to see that pet foods are tasting better as well. Since a new healthier outcome is the wave of the future, pet food is increasing in profits for companies that are indulging in health food for the pets. Pet food companies are working harder to produce foods that not only the pets love but the owners won’t mind as well. Fresh new market ideas are helping promise for the future belief in higher profits for these companies. Pet foods used to be full of meat by-products, and corn meal bases but now are being produced to be healthier. According to the Daily Herald, Pet food companies are expecting to make over 23 billion in the next year. Pet food already accounts for more than half of the market. Bigger companies are beginning to acquire other companies to create products that are using healthier products. New product lines using things like Wild Bird and Fruits such as cranberries make the tastes much better. Merrick Pet Care, the organic dog food creator will help Purina in their new innovations. Beneful dog food is a big part of Purina dog food. The new ingredients and healthier products such as the new puppy formula, the weight loss formula, and the different dog food flavors are better for the pets and helping with longer lives for the pets. The new Paleo diets help with a dog’s ancestral traits and digestion. The raw meats and sweet potatoes or Kale keep these foods grain free and tastier for your pets. Bringing the dog back to its “wild” is the new idea in marketing and food preparation. Older dogs running and playing more than they were, puppies growing stronger and healthier, middle age dogs losing the excess weight are all reasons Beneful and Purina are going to be increasing their sales. According to the Daily Herald article, your pet’s food needs to taste good enough for you to want to eat it. It needs to be organic and free of unhealthier by-products. Believing in your dog food is the best feeling you can have because everyone knows your pet is your best friend and a big part of your family.