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How Thor Halvorssen has been Advocating for Human Rights


Thor Halvorssen is a respected human rights activist who is also involved in the filmmaking industry. He has been conducting campaigns through his organization, Human Right Foundation, which has been operational since 2005. The main offices of the nonprofit charity are located in New York. Halvorssen is president of the organization, and he has been ensuring that it changes the lives of people across the world by helping them to fight for their rights and freedom. His parents are from Norway and Venezuela. For many years now, Venezuela has been known as one of the countries that do not respect the rights of its citizens.


Mr. Halvorssen is dedicated to ensuring that the Human Right Foundation frees people who are oppressed by corrupt governments across the world. The foundation has fought for the freedom of many political prisons in various countries. Thor is a lawyer by profession, and he has been active in the legal sector for about 13 years now. One of the major cases that he has addressed in his career was that of the Africans being discriminated by the apartheid regime. Thor’s father and cousin were incarcerated by the government of Venezuela for expressing their political sentiments. His mother was once injured in a peaceful rally that she had attended, and it was interrupted by the police who were shooting at the people. One Venezuelan was killed in the incident.


The Human Rights Foundation has channeled its efforts to nations that have regularly been violating human rights. It is dedicated to ensuring that all people are free to express their political views as well as worship in any country. The institution also been making sure that military and dictatorial governments do not oppress people. He knows the importance of the work of his organizations. Political prisoners including his father could not have been released without the efforts of the human rights activists.


Thor Halvorssen has dedicated his filmmaking career to changing the state of the world. He knows that many people across the world are significantly influenced by films, and therefore, he uses them to bring harmony to the world. Halvorssen has also been inviting movie celebrities to the human rights course.


Dick DeVos: A Business Leader Dedicated to Helping Others

Dick DeVos is one of the most powerful businessmen ever to come out of the state of Michigan. DeVos is a graduate of Northwood University, and he famously served as the President of Amway International between the years 1993-2002. DeVos was also the CEO of the Orlando Magic basketball team and the founder and President of the private investment firm Windquest Group. DeVos still serves as President of Windquest, and his wife of over 30 years, Betsy DeVos, is the chairwoman of Windquest.


Both Dick and Betsy DeVos have been active in Michigan both through their political and charitable work. Most people probably remember the 2006 gubernatorial race in Michigan where Dick DeVos ran as the Republican nominee. Unfortunately, Dick DeVos lost that race, but that has not deterred him from serving the Michigan community in other ways.


Indeed, perhaps the achievement that fills Dick DeVos with the most pride is his Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This charitable foundation has made a great difference in the Michigan community through its various charitable ventures.


This foundation has five main goals. Their first goal is to promote education and open new opportunities for as many students as they can. Second, they focus on the community, which means they strive to increase public awareness of health issues and lead to sustainable community development projects. Third, this foundation helps promote the arts within the community. Fourth, this foundation wishes to strengthen groups demanding justice and helping the oppressed. Lastly, this foundation wants to promote the next generation of ethical leaders who can lead people through the challenges of the 21st century with eloquence and strength.


There have been numerous ways in which this organization has gone about achieving its lofty goals. For instance, this foundation has supported the cultural event called ArtPrize. ArtPrize was actually founded by Dick and Betsy’s oldest son Rick in 2009 to encourage creativity within the Grand Rapids community. This 19-day event in the fall brings about 400,000 visitors to the Grand Rapids area every year, which brings a huge economic boost to the region. Also, since this award is designed to celebrate artists in the community every year, it also encourages the flourishing of local art projects.


Another wonderful venture Dick DeVos has been a part of, and which he continues to support with his charitable foundation, is the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which he founded in 2010. This school, in which students can learn about aviation, math, and science, has been training many upstanding American citizens ready to enter into the air force or workforce. This academy helps prepare people to serve their country with dignity.


These are just a few of the many wonderful projects Dick DeVos has been a part of in recent times. He and his family only hope to help other people within the community have access to the American dream. With the help of his organization, and with a little hard work and determination, Dick DeVos believes that every American deserves to succeed.