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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Paves the Way

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was started in 1991 as a local and regional title and document company that just served their local area. Since then it has grown into one of the nation’s largest and most proficient document providers. It is headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 600 employees in three states.


Eight out of the top ten leading national retail mortgage and lending companies choose Nationwide for their primary source of mortgage documents. The key to a successful mortgage document provider is that they can provide the right document nearly all the time and that the documents arrive promptly.


Nationwide has a 99.98% rate of compliance and only a .78% rejection rate. The meaning of these figures is that nearly 100% of the time, the documents arrive on time and they are accurate.


Much of the success of the company’s ongoing relationships with clients is due to the excellent training and quality of the employees who work for Nationwide. New employees receive immediate and in-depth training about what they will be doing and when they graduate onto the floor they are monitored closely by supervisors until they master the level of skills where they work.


Nationwide is a great place to work because employees have lots of input into processes that can make their jobs easier and more efficient. Management listens to the employees when they have suggestions, and it makes for a better environment in the workplace.


Compliance is the metric that measures the satisfaction of the customers, or the mortgage companies and the lenders. If you have ever been involved in a property closing, you know that the proper lien verification and titles releases available to transact business and transfer the property. If there are errors or worse yet, the wrong documents are received, or they are not received at all, the result is a delay.


John Hillman the company CEO says that if you want to have good compliance you have to train for it. Employees have to know what is expected of them, and if you train that way and monitor the results, it gets everyone on board, and the results are just better. Many companies talk about compliance, but results are just not there. It is a constant process, and it works if you work at it.


The future looks bright for Nationwide because the market share that they enjoy just keeps growing, and that is the pattern that the company’s management predicts for the future.




Town Residential Opens Its Tenth Outpost In The Manhattan Area

Town Residential recently signed a 15-year contract for office space in Manhattan’s meat packing district. This outpost makes a total of ten in the area for the fastest growing real estate firm in New York and covers markets from the Hudson Yards to TriBeCa. Opening of this office gives brokers easy access to strategic neighborhoods all along the Hudson, increasing the chances for a successful deal and satisfied clients. With the new office just steps away from story-high park, and a private roof deck, discussing business outdoors in pleasant weather is always an option.


Mr. Heiberger, founder of Town Residential says that brokers and clients alike will enjoy being able to meet outside, and that his firm will be the only one able to do so in such a convenient way. They certainly needed the new space now that boutique brokerage Thomas & Ingram will be joining Town and moving into the new office with them along with a smaller office that Town has been maintaining in the West Village. This move puts Town in an excellent position to take advantage of the fact that they will be located in the middle of some of the hottest residential property in Manhattan.


With a specialty in luxury real estate, Town’s brokers will certainly appreciate their new office surroundings and know how best to use them in impressing clients. Keeping up appearances may not be an important factor in some businesses, but the opposite is true for real estate brokers. The successful ones can generally be found in the best offices and know that a clients first impression is going to be a lasting one. Town Residential has been establishing new standards of excellence since the doors first opened, and they just raised the bar for others to follow a little higher.


Town’s methods are really quite simple, and obviously hugely successful. Brokers strive to come in first on sales, rentals, and new developments leaving all competition far behind. No matter if clients are buying, selling or have some new idea in mind, brokers at Town provide the same level of quality service to every deal. Clients know this before they ever walk in the door and are already confident they made the right choice in a real estate firm before the first word is spoken. With the drive, determination and solid business principles that stand behind Town watching what they do now should be interesting.



Town Residential

The Changes Devco is Making in the Real Estate Industry

An article looking at Devco which is a New Jersey Development Company was written on Press Atlantic and can be found through the following link . Middlesex County Improvement Authority received a loan of $20 million from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority but unfortunately it is still in debt of this amount. The arrears are said to be to the amount of $ 7million. Middlesex County Improvement Authority acquired the loan to help it in facilitating the construction of the Heldrich Hotel and Conference Center. DEVCO was the company tasked with the sole responsibility of constructing the hotel. Brunswick is optimistic that it will pay the remaining arrears in due course and Casino Reinvestment Development Authority should be more relaxed.

Politics seems to take center stage in this and there have been calls to decline from offering construction contracts to private developers. They have been claims that the Heldrich Hotel is unable to cater for its expenses and Brunswick has been funding it. Projects being funded by loans from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority are on the rise. The most recent project is the Gateway Project that is in Chelsea City. Atlantic City has been issuing bonds to ensure that they are not placed in the same situation that Middlesex County Improvement Authority is in. The city is quick to ensure that it has well placed repayment mechanisms.

New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO) is a privately held real estate company that was created in the year 1970 by Chris Paladino. The company deals with creation of partnerships and initiating financial restructuring of its clients. Its clients are such as universities and colleges and the federal government. Thanks to Devco the real estate image of New Brunswick has been on a positive rise. The company ensures that clients who seek to construct new buildings are able to do that with a team of professionals.

New York City Real Estate Remains At A High Level

The latest data about the New York City apartments for sale markets published by The Real Deal has revealed a healthy performance across both the commercial and residential markets. New York City has traditionally had one of the strongest real estate markets in the world, but was often seen as being cocooned from the rest of the world by the drive of people to reach Manhattan Island. The latest figures for November 2015 have revealed the majority of areas across New York City are seeing rising prices for residential and commercial real estate, plus the number of listings available is remaining at a low level.

New York City real estate markets have always been hard to navigate without the assistance of a top agent. Town Real Estate is one of the top agencies in the city and has embarked on an aggressive employment strategy to make sure the best real estate agents in the city are employed by the agency.

Many people who have not been involved in the aggressive New York City real estate markets do not understand why an experienced agent is so important. Town owner Andrew Heiberger understands the best agents have contact and links to other agencies that allow them to get to know when new listings will be available and who is in control of these properties. In many cases the agents of Town can show properties for both rentals and purchases to their clients as soon as they appear on the market and provide the best chance of buying or renting a dream home.

The areas of New York City that have been expanding in recent years with large developments are seen as new areas for luxury homes to be found. Brooklyn has seen new developments snapped up by buyers and renters in a short space of time after being placed on the market. By the end of November 2015 the number of apartments for sale in Brooklyn have fallen to just 550.