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Julie Zuckerberg – Sought After Personality In The Talent Acquisition Space

In the world of talent management and acquisition, one of the names that have been making rounds in the corporate circles is Julie Zuckerberg. She has worked her way in the industry through her sheer determination, perseverance, and high performance, shaping the recruitment and talent management strategies wherever she worked, and she has worked at quite a few top multinationals companies. Julie has done her graduation from the City University of New York-Brooklyn College from where she went on to New York Law School to pursue Masters in Law. She has had a star-studded career graph and has had the opportunity to work for many companies. Currently, she serves as the Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank.


After completing her studies in Law from New York Law School, she started her career by joining Hudson, which is one of the most successful staffing and recruiting agency with over a thousand employees and branches locally and internationally. While at Hudson, she gained knowledge of recruiting high tier professionals such as attorneys, case managers and paralegals, support staff, temporary recruits and so on. At Hudson, she also served as the primary link between the employees and the management and helped resolved workplace conflicts and provided employees with coaching and training as well.


After leaving Hudson, Julie Zuckerberg in her endeavor to reach new heights of success in the talent acquisition field joined Citi Global Functions as Executive Recruiter. At Citi Global, her responsibilities included working closely with the management and diversity team and negotiate high-level, complex job offers, source talent from across the country and even globally, creating job profiles and descriptions, develop recruitment strategies, employ a variety of recruiting methods, and more. She worked at Citi Global Functions until July 2011, when she was promoted to work as Executive Recruiter at Citi Group in New York Area. While at Citi Group, her responsibilities mentioned above remained but her profile got promoted. She now worked directly with senior management regarding recruitment, talent acquisitions, expatriate process, international relocations, and managing different sub-fields within human resource development space.


After leaving Citi Group in November 2013, Julie joined one of the most well-established investments and insurance company, New York Life Insurance Company. At New York Life Insurance Company, she served as Recruiting Lead, Corporate Vice-President. She was in charge of client management, building client relationship, talent strategy planning, execution of business and recruitment strategic planning, analyzing customer needs, provide innovative business solutions, and provide full life cycle recruitment solutions.


Currently, as mentioned before, she serves as Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank, where she joined in November 2015. One of her primary responsibilities there is to enforce best recruitment practices and improve the hiring process, negotiate high-level hiring, including for designation that of Managing Director, provide necessary guidance and counseling to recruiting coordinators, recruitment consultants, and others. At Deutsche Bank, Julie works directly with the business leaders in the area of Asset Management, Information Technology, Commercial Space and Private Wealth Investment to devise a local strategy for talent acquisition.



Julie has come a long way in her career in a comparatively shorter period, and it is all due to her sheer endurance, determination, perseveration and passion for performing, achieving and getting results for her clients.