Bruno Fagali`s Great Achievements

Bruno Fagali is the owner of the FAGALI Advocacy, and he has been serving in the Brazilian law for a vast number of years. Bruno has a lot of knowledge on all issues related to administrative and regulatory law. Due to his expertise, Bruno Fagali has helped some business owners as well as individuals efficiently … [Read more…]

Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a well known businessman as well as the CEO of an organization called Tempus. Eric Lefkofsky has been quite successful throughout his business career. At present, Eric Lefkofsky is said to be worth at least 1.5 billion dollars possibly more. After graduating from law school over twenty years ago, Lefkofsky and a … [Read more…]

Rick Smith and His Efforts to Improve Service Delivery at Securus

Rick Smith has been the president and CEO of Securus Technologies since July 2008. Before working at Securus, Rick worked in; finance, operations, and information technology. His vast experience made him the right candidate to lead Securus into the future. Rick Smith graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with an Associate‚Äôs degree; he went on … [Read more…]

Creating a Convenient Environment for Efficient Trade

James Larkin was born in the slums of Liverpool, England in 1876 and had little education. Despite his lack of a solid educational background he went ahead to do manual jobs and was later hired as a foreman at the docks. He was part of the national union of dock laborious and later in 1906 … [Read more…]

The Brown Agency Gives Aspiring Models A Chance

A Reputation For Success Justin Brown understands the modeling world better than just about anybody else who has tried to discuss the topic. He knows what it takes to make a top tier modeling company and he delivers exactly that to his clients. People have gone from working at the Brown Agency into incredible careers. … [Read more…]

Eric Lefkofsky is Fighting Cancer Like No One Else

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the top entrepreneurs in the city of Chicago. He has successfully established and fully expanded over 10 major businesses. What makes Eric different from all other entrepreneurs is his love for technology. Eric Lefkofsky has created technology that is taking over the business world. In several of Eric’s businesses, the … [Read more…]