The Mission For End Citizens United

Established in March of 2015, End Citizens United is a political action committee funded by small donors to advocate for financial reform. End Citizens United main mission is to pass an amendment to reverse the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which resulted in a flood of unlimited supply of money into politics. To work towards … [Read more…]

Cassio Audi: From A Musician To A Financial Whiz

Cassio Audi is an incredible businessman who has been working in the financial sector for an extremely long time. He is looked up to as one of the biggest names there, owing to the incredible career that he has led. He has been a leader and mentor to numerous companies and corporations for the past … [Read more…]

The Career Successes That Logan Stout Has Attained

Over the course of his professional career, Logan Stout has played a number of roles. For several seasons he played baseball as a professional player. He also established The Dallas Patriots which is one of the biggest youth baseball organizations in the United States. This organization provides teams with coaches as well as helping them … [Read more…]

The Savior of the City – Boraie Development LLC

Boraie Development LLC is the angel New Jersey needed to see the city of New Brunswick rise from the ashes. New Brunswick, New Jersey had become a dilapidated ghost town that was nearing extinction. Businesses were beginning to leave and they were taking the people with them. However, there was a visionary, the leader of … [Read more…]

George Soros, financing the democratization of the world

George Soros is considered as one of the most philanthropic personalities across the globe. This is characterized by the fact that he has donated over $12 billion to organizations and individuals that fight inequality, unaccountable governments, as well as societies that do not promote equality, transparency, and equality so far.Among the groups that have benefited … [Read more…]